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Jaclyn –

Victim Location 70126

Type of a scam Other

A friend say a neutral ground, took a picture of it and sent it to me. The sign read: : Access Inc., Access Your Home, go from renting to owning , get up to $25,000 towards your down payment & closing costs, all details at, Pin:2020, Phone 504-598-5580. I went to the website it says that they are a Home purchasing consultant and Income Property analyst; Real Estate Investments and Valuations Research company. The site asked that you give your name, address, phone number and email address to register to enroll. A few hours later Mr. Ken Gunther called and wanted a copy of my credit report (which I did not give). So he asked how long I had been on my job, my credit score. He said that I would be a good candidate for their program, that the $25,000 would cover down payment and closing costs on a home up to $280,000, that it would cost me $895 for them to do the paperwork. He said he’d have a PayPal link sent to me from Mr. Steven Hansen. I opened the link and it read: Welcome aboard Access, Inc. We shall make all the arrangements for your home purchase a pleasurable experience. Your application will be emailed alone with a list of documents for purchasing. You will also get a questionnaire about home details we need to find that perfect home. Thank You. There was an invoice attached that read: Invoice Access, Inc. Steven Hansen [email protected]

Invoice number: 0003 Invoice date: 1/5/2016 Payment terms: Due on receipt

Due date: 1/5/2016

Amount Due: $895.00

Bill To: (name and contact information)

Description Quantity Price Amount Home Buyers Program Commitment Fee 1 $0.00 $0.00

Subtotal $0.00

Shipping/handling $895.00 Total $895.00 USD.

Will you please help me find out if this is a legitimate company and service?

Thank you



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