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Brad –

Victim Location 07677

Total money lost $3,300

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered this job after looking a long time for one. Pay was to be $52,800. First three weeks were training. Get paid $3300 after that. I filled out all the paperwork I would fill out at any job. Not much training, but they said they were a new business. So I thought she, Courtney Duffy, was real busy getting the business up and running. Then I received a check from a client I deposited it. It was taken back within 2 days. She told said client changed his mind. I didn’t think anything of it. Time to get paid for my training. I got a congratulations email. My paycheck is on the way. Two days later I received another email that I will not be receiving my paycheck. I got suspicious. That’s when I went back online to see if I can find anything on them. All my prior attempts came up with nothing. That’s why I continued. This time two reports came up from people in my exact situation. I wasted three weeks no pay and turned down a much lower paying job. No I’m out if work and going to lose everything because I cannot pay for anything. This is disgusting. Indeed.com should do some vetting of companies before they put them on their website. Now, since I filled out a tax form they have my social and since I haven’t worked I have no money to protect myself against them.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 60194

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent all info and paperwork for a position as an Escrow Manager even tax paperwork I have been googling it and it is a scam Job Seeker Beware

Taryn –

Victim Location 38018

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email from A recruiter named Rebecca J. Agosta advising of a job opportunity for an Escrow Manager. She provided information about the position and provided a link to apply if interested. I clicked on the link which took me to a website where it provided you with more detailed info about the job, benefits, schedule, and paperwork to complete for the position. Once you complete the paperwork you scan it into your computer to send it to them via their website. Two days later I receive an email advising I was hired along with a link to an employee portal. The manager’s name was Courtney Duffy. She sent me 5 emails within the portal, about the company, about the team, when will I be available for work. She stated in her communication that she would call me to explain more about the job. I never heard from her again. When I called the only phone number that was provided, it does not give the company’s name, just an automated answering service. The red flags that really hit me was Courtney info. She did I not have a picture of herself in the portal, it was a picture of a cat. Her email address was [email protected], and I could not find this company anywhere (internet, white pages, yellow pages, etc) This scam really had me going, they appeared to be something that they were not. Heads up to anyone that may fall victim like I have.



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