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Barbara –

Victim Location 45069

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We Purchased a puppy from yorkies kindom/Oscar Watson. Both he and Virgin World Pet Relocation have scammed me at the loss of 500.00 US. We paid the 500.00 which was to include shipping of the puppy. The puppy was supposedly in transport when we saw on the tracking website. It was being demanded us to pay 950.00 more for a different carrier to place the puppy in. Website info:

https://www.virginworldpetrelocation.com/ , refrence number 39812018. The seller of the puppys

website is: www.yorkiekingdom.com . I believe this all is a scam, and realize I more than likely will never see my 500.00 again. They need checked into and future consumers don’t suffer the same loss. I have all this info and as of right now both websites are still up. Including the pet relocation and where they are demanding a carrier or wont deliver the puppy. Please do something about these people so nomore unexpecting consumers suffer such a loss. I believe this scam is done together by both company named above.



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