Check Yobit reviews to see if it is legit.

Clinton –

Victim Location 32789

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They took the money of a lot of people away, check at Bitcoin Talk forum. They offer a lot of opportunities of Dump and Pump, totally illegal, with bad support and trade fake cryptocurrencies. The exchange owner is a Russian arrested at March 2018 for ponzi scam program.

Miguel –

Victim Location 47802

Total money lost $124,130

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I am a member of over 50 cryptocurrency exchanges. I have only been scammed once and it was by yobit.net. I had omg omisego and btc bitcoin in my wallets there. My omg wallet said it needed maintence. I contacted support and followed their instructions exactly. They told me to put my currencies into a yobit code or a temp address to store my coin while they fixed my wallet. These yobit codes can not have withdrawals or tx from them or to them. I put over 3400 omg into one wallet and a bit of bitcoin into anothet. Omg was trading for $3.50 at the time so the value was right around 120,000 usd. Once I put the currency into yobit codes, yobit support stopped answering any of my messages. I have sent over 30 with no response at all. There is no info on how to get my money out of the codes which I still have and into a wallet so I can do something with it. It has simply been taken from me by yobit. Stay away from this exchange. They ripped me off and I have found out, I am not the only one. 120 thousand dollars gone to low life thieves.



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