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Daisy – Aug 21, 2020

Victim Location 92345

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

My grandson, a recent high school graduate, received a priority mail letter containing a $ 1570.00 ( check # 188429 ) college grant written thru Delta Dental and payable thru U.S. Bank of Portland, Oregon. The document was mailed from World Business Capital Inc., Hartford, CT 06103-3102. We made an attempt to deposit this check into my Grandson’s account at a local Chase Bank which told us it was a fraudulent document. Thinking that Chase Bank made an error, we then went to a local U.S. Bank and was told the exact same thing concerning this check, it was a fraudulent document. Ar this bank the document was destroyed but we did have a copy of this document which will accompany this information as an attachment. I would like to get to the bottom of these fraudulent mailings and prevent other college bound students from experiencing the embarrassment of attempting to deposit a fraudulent document to help cover their college fees. This is unnecessary as students have enough to think about than a bouncing check.



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