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Dylan – Dec 10, 2020

This company tried to charge my card 4 or 5 times, never thought being completely broke would benefit me in any way but let’s
jus say they didnt get [censored]. …

Charlotte – Nov 23, 2020

I was checking my bank card and found a charge for $89.95 to Vitamin C RR Joy have no idea who this is or how to get my money back had to cancel my bank card

Anna – Nov 23, 2020

Just checked my bank card there was a charge for $89.95 payable vitamins c RR I have no idea what this is or to how to get my money back

Nichole – Nov 05, 2020

In August 2020 I ordered a Pure leaf CBD OL when was capsules(6.92) And the other was oil(6.87)). Came in the box marked a Pure leaf CBD but showed up on my credit card as CFHI eye serum and vitamin C joy rr.In September 2020 my credit card was charged by CFH EYE SERUM 84..95 And vitamin C joy RR 89.95. I never ordered these products don’t know what they are cannot seem to find any information on them they stole my rent!Waited two months to hear back from the credit card company with no news I need help

Jack – Oct 15, 2020

Just got a call from my Credit Union questioning a charge of $6.98 from Vitamin C Joy. They denied payment and I confirmed that I had never heard of the place. Shut down my debit card, so will have to do without it for 10 days or so. Thanks, Vitamin C Joy scammers – bunch of jerks!

Virginia – Oct 05, 2020

BEWARE! Biggest scam artists. Returned 2 “subscription”items and they refused to return my money. Stated: 1. I may not have returned the product. 2. The post office might have lost the package. 3. They may not have processed the return! Couldn’t tell me which case I fell into! Listened to a lot of BS and they still wouldn’t refund my money! I told them I was canceling and I better not see one more charge on my card, they never said those words.

Miguel – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 29229

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My credit card company contacted me reference a company name RR Joy coffee shop/on line it is listed as Vitamin C shop. they charged my credit card 89.00 and some cents but my credit card company declined the charges. Never heard of the company in my life.


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