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Erika – Nov 29, 2020

Same as everyone above! Scam. 🤬😡

Mayra – Nov 20, 2020

The same as everything above. The 6 1/2-7 fits a friend that wears a 4. Send them to Vietnam and get a refund, except they will never receive the shoes ( they as much as say so). Close PayPal case and they will give you 20%. PayPal wants proof I sent them to Vietnam and they were received. No longer using PayPal either.

Krystle – Nov 16, 2020

My experience is exactly the same as everyone else reported. Cheaply made, plastic/vinyl material, not leather, looks nothing like what was advertised, must return to China, no guarantees they would get there due to Covid, no refund until received. Refunded 20% and I could keep the product. First picture is what was advertised, second is what I received. I paid almost $70, refund will be about $14. Found same shoes on Amazon for $16.99. Will file a complaint with BBB.

Meghan – Nov 06, 2020

My wife bought a pair of their boots that were suppose to be leather. Turns out they are plastic and can’t get her money back. This is a huge scam. Don’t buy anything from this company. Totally Fraudulent.

Allen – Nov 04, 2020

My boots finally arrived. They are cheaply made with large stitching. They actually look like plastic and are very light. I contacted the site and they asked for a picture of the boots. I got a follow-up email saying they only refund if merchandise is damaged. I responded they hurt my feet, they are poorly constructed and they said I could replace them with another pair. I didn’t want the first pair. Stay clear of them. Total waste of money.

Phillip – Nov 01, 2020

I ordered cute leather boots with a 100% money back guarantee – WHAT A JOKE!
The boots are very cheaply made – plastic – they don’t look anything like the picture!
The ad was on Facebook and I feel completely taken advantage of (and stupid!) I got the same run around as the other complaints – have to send back to China at my expense, with no guarantee they’ll receive them (another part of the scam!) I plan on reporting this company to as many sources as I can!

Keri – Oct 30, 2020

I received my boots weeks after ordering they are cheap plastic, not leather. They came in a plastic bag, return address says Queens, NY. I see from other reviews they come from China and you cannot get your money back. $69.00 is no joke, never again, Face Book ads cannot be trusted. Its my fault for not checking the reviews.

Daniel – Oct 28, 2020

The ankle boots I received are nothing like the pictures they advertise and even though I ordered size 7, they are only about a size 5. I received a cheap plastic boot. Asked about a refund and was asked to send pictures to determine the condition of the shoe. They responded the shoes were in perfect condition and they sent the size ordered so the best they could do was to let me exchange them. I responded that they offer a 100% money back guarantee and I wanted my money back. Now they’re saying I’d need to ship the shoes back to China which would be very expensive and risky with Covid going on so no guarantee they’d receive them and they can’t refund me until they get them. In other words, they’ll claim they didn’t receive them and I’ll never see a refund. Complete rip off, don’t order anything from Vintadu. I’m out $70.00 but hope to cause the company a much greater loss by getting the word out and complaining to Facebook which is where I saw their advertisement.

Clayton – Nov 06, 2020

Same ones I ordered but in a different color. I am battling with PayPal right now because they sided with them and closed my case after waiting on the delivery right away. I am disgusted to the max over this POS I have to keep.

Raul – Oct 27, 2020

I have been trying to return with full money back. The info on the website for returns changes. It was [email protected], then changed to [email protected] who take no responsibility. There is no way they are leather with a wool lining. Cheap and plastic! I will no longer order things from facebook advertising without a lot of research.

Tristan – Oct 26, 2020

This has turned out to be a SCAM! They do not guarantee 100%, as stated.They give you a song and dance about me having to mail them back to China(since they made them) but I could keep these cheap shoes and they would refund me just 20%. That amounts to less than $20, which cost $70.

Nathaniel – Oct 26, 2020

Total SCAM

Angelica – Oct 26, 2020

absolute scam what is sent to you for the price… DO NOT USE this business!

Carlos – Oct 22, 2020

The only thing that remotely resembled the shoes that I ordered were that there were zippers on the sides. My black “leather” shoes were a poor excuse for plastic. Shoes advertised showed solid black cute bootie/shoes. What arrived were boxy black plastic shoes with white stitching everywhere, brown plastic soles that came up 1/4″ around the shoes with a 2″ brown tab in the back (all sown together with white thread) Reading the reviews above, it looks like we were all offered different refund amounts — mine was 20%. Since I don’t want them anywhere near my bank account again, I’ll pass on the $13 refund and drop the shoes off at a local thrift store. I will be also be filing complaint with the BBB and facebook.

Omar – Sep 22, 2020

Scammer’s phone N.A.

Scammer’s website Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy

Scammer’s address 1900 W. Garvey Ave. Apt. 150, West Covina, CA 91790

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered shoes from a sponsored website online. I paid $67.98. They are very poor quality and don’t fit. I requested a return and refund. I was told not to return them to the address on the mailing envelope, and ultimately was offered a refund of $13.40 which I declined. I will donate the shoes to a charity and get a tax deduction instead. This is a SCAM. Do not buy fron this company!

Ebony – Sep 14, 2020

Ordered a pair of shoes from an ad on Facebook. NEVER AGAIN. The shoes were too short and too wide. The ad states a money back guarantee. NOT TRUE. I’ve been emailing the customer support people for a couple weeks. They requested a current pic of the shoes. They offered 25% and then 35% discount on a new order. They said I would have to ship the shoes back to china at my expense, even though they were sent to me from CA. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Erica – Sep 09, 2020

DO NOT BUY ITEMS FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered August 8 and they arrived August 26. No invoice, no return information. The shoes are ill fitting and not comfortable. i contacted their support team as listed on their web site. They offered me a 30% rebate to keep the shoes that do not fit. They finally sent me an address to return them to but no shipping company will ship them without a formal letter of manufacturing of origin which they have not provided. I contacted my credit card company and filed a complaint and they have issued me a refund. I advise all buyers to do the same! Better yet DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

Marvin – Aug 28, 2020

Same thing as most of the people said above. I ordered 2 pair of shoes from an ad on Instagram that I continued to see. I’m out $112.56. All of the reviews are 5 star so unfortunately these reviews are not getting put on their site. It’s too bad because start up products probably advertise on Instagram and Facebook but I will NEVER buy anything off of there again!

Cynthia – Aug 27, 2020

I will never buy shoes from a FB ad. I learned the hard way.

David – Aug 27, 2020

Rip off – shoes didn’t fit, I wish I had found a review before buying. right size but too small and they only want to exchange – no refund!
I should learn NEVER buy on Facebook – this isn’t the first time, other companies have been unreliable and CHEAP junk from China

Hillary – Aug 27, 2020

Do NOT purchase shoes from this site. Shoes didn’t fit properly and company refused to accept return for refund.


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