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Angel – Aug 29, 2020

Victim Location 99615

Total money lost $18.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to find all the options my vehicle had by searching the VIN so I could list it in the for sale add. I used Google to find a website that provides such info and was on the top of the list. It is listed as free in the Google search, however when you enter your Vin it requires a payment and says it’s $1. However they charge you $18.95.

Shawna – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 92264

Total money lost $18.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Okay so I was looking for a free or cheap Vin lookup website and stumbled upon this one it said specifically that the product I was receiving was a vehicle report for the low price of $1. Now due to the fact that I have been looking around I knew that seemed a bit fishy but I decided you know what I’m going to screenshot this before I click enter just in case this company is fraudulent. Well what do you know as soon as I clicked inter I get a notification from PayPal saying that I just paid 18.95 to this I immediately click on their chat button and told him what the heck it said this was going to be a dollar and I was just charged 1895 they say they’re going to refund me however it will take 3 to 5 business days to me that is absolutely insane especially due to our economy as it is right now I mean this was a very clear and blatant attempt to steal money from me and from anybody else who falls for this trap. now I know how this thing goes sometimes it’ll say like oh pay a dollar now for a trial and at the end be charged 1895 a month for a subscription however that is not what this was it clearly stated this was $1 for the report never even spoke of a subscription plan so I am putting this out there number one because I better get my money back sooner than later and it better not take 5 days because I need it right now but also because this company should be shut down these people should be arrested they are stealing from people and I just got done reading one of those other two complaints about this company and saw that they wrote back saying that oh shows that you’re signing up for a subscription but I’m here to tell you and I’m here to show you with my screenshot that no it doesn’t say anything about subscription! I’m also going to send a screenshot of the conversation I had with the chat agent which by the way I’m stunned I was even able to speak with somebody especially cuz it’s in the middle of the night but I digress this is absolutely outrageous and they need to be stopped and find I really needed that money right now I was doing a VIN check because I’m going to sell my car because I have no freaking money so for them to just steal it’s absurd and wrong please shut them down!


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