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Heidi – Dec 17, 2020

Placed order for pair of hearing aides July 2020. Vevo promptly charged my credit card $109.00. I sent emails since never received shipping/tracking info which confirmation email said I would receive. Delays in responding by Vevo. Reply indicated they “would get to the bottom of it”. Time passed, still no update. Emailed again, after delay Vevo replied they would expedite the processing and shipment of my order. Still nothing. I emailed again 12/10/20, no reply. Tried calling 818-963-9654, # disconnected. In contact with my credit card company and so far they are saying since they process disputes electronically and they are unable to contact Vevo they may not be able to do anything…so it looks like it is $ thrown away for me…
A family member previously purchased a pair of aides from Vevo, said it took about 3 months to get them. That is why I continued to wait…this is terrible. Check out Better Business Bureau and Vevo complaints, over 300 complaints filed!

Gina – Dec 03, 2020

I contacted the number on this post. The company was Ocasa, they said I had the wrong number and gave me this number 929-338-0028. I called that number and they said we are just the brokers and not the shippers. She said you need to contact the shippers. I said how do you do that. She says I don’t know.

Renee – Dec 03, 2020

I ordered my hearing aides in June and have not received them yet. There is no way to get in touch with anyone at this company. I realize there is a phone number but no one will answer.

Zachary – Dec 03, 2020

May 29, 2020 Bought hearing aids for $109. Used credit card. Didn’t like, asked for refund. As of today, no refund although it was promised.

Eric – Nov 12, 2020

I ordered a set of hearing aid back in March 15, 2020. Said they would be delayed due to Covid-19. Well I am still waiting! The number I call is disconnected 818 963-9654.
I have called the numbers on this website and it disconnects after waiting! I think we
are all royally screwed by the chinese!

Angelica – Nov 10, 2020

I was promised a refund August 11 and still nothing.I contacted the San Jose BBB and vevo doesn’t reply to them either,phone calls go unanswered .I email EVERYDAY and never get a response but will keep emailing them s long as I am able Class action suit and I’m all in

Ryan – Nov 01, 2020

I ordered hearing aids from vevo in June it’s now November 1st 2020 never got them called BBB they said vevo never got back to them and basically I’m out the money. Now I see their website is down. With all the complaints about them you think the government would go after them or a class action suit.But they just took everyone’s money and got away with it. They should be put in jail . They are just a bunch of thieves. Richard Irwin

Ryan – Oct 26, 2020

Ordered my on7/26/2020. Paid 148.97. Have called several times and was told that the mail box was full. Let a message on their web site about canceling the order. Never received and answer. Today when I call the phone number is no longer in service. 10-26-2020

Kyle – Oct 13, 2020

I ordered the hearing aid in May, 2020 and it took 2 months to arrive. Customer service did respond. I was not satisfied as they were cheaply made. Wrote 3 x that I wanted to send back, never heard–once they have your money you never hear again. I sent them to the only address on the shipping label which doesn’t exist, PO can’t find it and now they are somewhere out there! No response from VEVO and I’m out 150.00 DON’T deal with this company Jean P

Louis – Oct 05, 2020

Ordered a hearing aid and warranty on July 6. Have contacted them multiple times via e-mail with occasional responses about it being shipped on July 12 (never giving me a tracking number).
Checked website today (Oct. 5) and it’s apparently dead.
I contacted my bank to get my money back.

Allison – Sep 30, 2020

I ordered hearing aides in June 2020 and have not received them yet. They will not answer and email and the phone number doesnt work. There is a 90 day guarantee and its been 90 days since I ordered and havent even received them. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Gary – Sep 24, 2020

I ordered these hearing aids in April and finally received them early September. They gladly kept my $182.00 after at least 6 requests for a refund. These hearing aids are of such poor quality. The only thing I heard was horribly loud feedback. This company and their product are a joke. Made in China has a brand new meaning for me.

Jeremy – Sep 24, 2020

I ordered my father a hearing aid beginning of July/20 and have still not received anything and have sent many emails asking for a refund and i did receive a reply saying Covid was the delay. It is a real shame these people are taking advantage of the elderly and taking money from those who don’t have a lot to give. Shame on VEVO! All i have to say is i hope charma bites all of you in the butt!

Cameron – Sep 23, 2020

I ordered the Vevo hearing aides plus batteries on 7/20/2020 and NEVER received the hearing aides or the batteries. The company took the money out of my account and I have emailed them more than several times and NEVER received a reply. This company is a SCAM It’s now 9/23/2020 and heard nothing from this company they take your money and run with it. NEVER purchase anything from then again hope something is done with them VEVO could make this right by answering my emails and my calls and just send me the hearing aids and batteries if this company was legit but they are not.

Misty – Sep 23, 2020

Ordered and received. Inferior product. Requested return information and was also told to “donate” them to someone else and a refund would be issued. Over two months…still waiting for that refund which I am sure, at this point, is never coming. Avoid Vevo!

Joshua – Sep 23, 2020

Placed an order for 2 hearing aids, warranty, a years worth of batteries & inadvertently ordered a second year of batteries by mistake, all in June. The full amount was immediately applied to my credit card. Within two weeks I received both packages of batteries. To date, NO hearing aids and No replies from customer service after repeated attempts for information as to when my order might be fulfilled. Web site indicates it’s in processing. Definitely looks like I, and many other seniors, have been SCAMMED!

Luis – Sep 22, 2020

I also was promised a full refund when we received one was broken called twice for a refund never received.I paid 184.00 not happy.

Reginald – Sep 22, 2020

I paid $129 on 5/26 for two hearing aids. They took 6-7 weeks to get to us and by that time unfortunately my Mom passed away within days and never got to even try them. I called Vevo immediately and was lucky enough to get to a representative who assured me that they will submit a refund within two weeks and she was kind enough to give her condolences. I never saw the refund, I could never reach a representative after that first call (either busy signal or VM box is full message) and of course the 90 days expired at the end of August. I am amazed that a company who clearly is scamimg people can stay on the web for innocent consumers like my Mom. I did check reviews but never saw any of the bad reviews that are all over the web. Is it possible to still get my money back?
Thank you,
Kathy S

Larry – Sep 16, 2020

I paid a total of $210.00 for the hearing aids and extended 3 year warranty . Less than 2 months the left hearing aid stopped working. I contacted the company VEVO several times by email. No reply. Asked for my money back no reply. Asked for a replacement no reply. This is an absolute scam. If anybody orders these through VEVO you are one way or the other will get SCAMMED! This so called worthless poor excuse of a company should be shut down and sued to the fullest extent of the law. All their glowing reviews on their website are total bogus. Don’t order these you have been warned !

Audrey – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 32064

Total money lost $127.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This hearing aid initially sounded great and my husband was hoping to improve his hearing in one ear without having to invest a great deal of money. Hearing aids are so over priced, in our opinion. So, we paid $87.97 as they said they were offering 60% off the regular price for a short time only. We also purchased the Vevo A10 Battery packs for an additional $39.95. This purchase was made mid July of this year, 2020. We have yet to receive our product. There is no answer at the phone listed for this business. I have sent several emails to their support email address. I was told in an answer to one of my emails that they were sending our order out in 3 to 5 days. I doubt at this point we have been scammed and that we will not see our purchased product. We are very disappointed and feel taken at a time when we can least afford it.

Phone: +1 (718) 244-2900

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