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Tony – Sep 27, 2020

Yes I’m in California and got a text to sell my boom truck. The guy said he needed a new vehicle soon, was looking for a car. I told him I’m selling a boom truck. Then he say he will buy it if I get a vehicle printout. So I looked up the name with scams and found this site. Thank you for doing this.

Kaitlin – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 30204

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted me interested in purchasing my motorcycle from a Craigslist add. Wanted to see and check it out immediately but first wanted me to email him a vehicle history report, and he just so happened to have the website of the best place around to purchase this report. What a joke. I looked up the info bbb and found a couple of others had received similar text.

Wendy – Sep 01, 2020

Same issues as everyone with the site got someone needing a car immediately to go to Canada and sent me the site link after i sent a carfax

Allison – Aug 06, 2020

Scammer’s phone 240-442-4087

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Phone

Exactly as described above by other posters.
Received phone call from number, but greeting was cut off and he started texting.
Person said he test drove a (motorcycle) just like ours (in nearby city) but it wasn’t in nearly as good shape – wants to buy – can meet today but concerned about health and social distancing. First we need to provide car fax/VIN report. Said his dad was a car dealer – so we said that his dad should pay for it and he replied “when you buy a house, the seller pays for inspection.” Then we knew it was a scam and someone possibly outside U.S. who isn’t familiar with U.S. home buying.
He said he would buy at selling price if we just paid for the report and said he searched google and recommended

Please google this first! SCAM is the second search under this company’s name and you can’t report to BBB because they aren’t registered in any state.
And you can’t report it through the Internet Crimes site on Craigslist because it requires that you prove some transaction took place.

Austin – Aug 01, 2020

Exact same experience as everyone above! Guy called, call dropped, then got the text. I figured it was a scam since he was specific about what he wanted and the site. I hope people Google things before ordering a report from a site that no one has ever heard of. Sorry to those who did pay.

Albert – Jul 27, 2020

Received a call today (7-27-2020) from VehicleBG with a number of 609-474-2017. He hung up and stated he was very busy and wanted me to send him a vehicle report. Everything sounded fishy and he used the line that he needed it since he had gone to Greensboro and the vehicle was not what he wanted. Was in a complete rush on text and I could tell he had not read the full description. I text that I would not pay for the report and he said OK well I wish you the best of luck

Looked up online and warnings galore!

Angela – Jul 19, 2020

Veeeery similar experience to the first comment. Guy with a NJ cell number texts me (in Boise, ID) and says he looked at a similar car in Boise yesterday, wanted a carfax report. I said I didn’t want to pay the $40 and he pointed to the site Said his dad was a dealer and carfax isn’t very accurate. It seemed fishy from the start. I hate how diligent you have to be to sell something on craiglist or FB.

Alison – Jul 20, 2020

Ha! Selling my Prius in North Idaho. Just got a text from a guy who said he looked at a similar Prius in Boise (400 miles away) and it had some problems (his area code is in Virginia, 2500 miles away).
He also wanted me to send him a report from Said he’d googled around and that’s the best one.
I texted back: My VIN is JTDKxxxx… – Please feel free to acquire a vehicle report from wherever you like.

Crystal – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 72768

Total money lost $22.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a call just after an hour after I posted an ad on Craigslist selling my vehicle. I had barely said “Hello?” When a man started speaking and said “Hi! Is your car still available?” And I said “yes it is!” And then the call dropped. A couple minutes later I received a text from the same number, inquiring about the same car. They said “Hi- is the classified for the Chrysler still available?” I replied saying “yes it is” and they responded a minute later saying they looked at a similar vehicle in a town about 40 minutes away from me, and that the vehicle was much different than advertised. They said in a separate message “I will meet with you in the next few days or maybe right now if you will download a vehicle history report on the Chrysler for me please. I am healthy and want to respect the social distancin but I need a new vehicle!” And I said “I’m only available to meet on Fridays or Wednesdays after 230, I’ll see what I can do about a history report!” In the same minute I sent that text back, they sent me a link to a vehicle history report website and then asked me to email them or send them a screenshot. So I went ahead and did the report from the link they sent me (paid about $23 for it) because at this point everything they were saying was relevant either to the ad, or my responses. So I sent the screenshots in text, and again in the same minute they replied with “ Im sòrry for bùggiñ you. ìs the cår still for sale.?” Immediately I knew I got scammed. I replied “Did you get the report?” And the said “ive been looking for a Chrysler for a long time (heart emoji)”

I asked again “Did you get the report?” And got no further responses. After a quick google search I realized I wasn’t the only one who fell for it either. I immediately called my bank and cancelled my card and hopefully they will be able to dispute/refund me my money.

Shana – Jul 24, 2020

Luckly I googled this before I entered my card info

Rafael – Jul 24, 2020

This literally just happened to me too. Exact same wording and everything

Diana – Jun 18, 2020

Fake Information for scammers trying to get you send vin info

Margaret – Jul 19, 2020

Just had this exact conversation about my car for sale.
Bunch of scamming [censored].

Cory – Jun 16, 2020

I was contacted by a person wanting to buy a newer vehicle. Claims he saw a similar car in Deer park that didn’t meet the standards. I don’t live anywhere near a deer park. He asked if the vehicle was still available, followed by offering to see it if the vehicle report checked out. Instantly, texted me a link: HTTP:// claims he used it on the last car he sold to show it was legit. I offered him the Autocheck from and the Carfax. He says his dad is a car dealer and that Carfax isn’t accurate that I should use insisting he is willing to buy. Definite spam. Texted me from phone number 1(877)817-5015. Thankfully, I found this site, so I hope this helps someone else.

Louis – Jun 08, 2020

Contacted by person wanting to buy car but wanted a vehicle report first. Said his brother worked for a dealer and this is what they used. Unfortunately, I fell for it. I am now reversing charge on credit card and reporting to BBB. Phone number they used was 1-877-486-5591

Preston – Jun 04, 2020

Victim Location 27514

Type of a scam Phishing

Wanted to buy car from me but wanted me to go to a site for vin checks and put in credit card info which didn’t specify a price


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