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Chelsea – Oct 27, 2020

Vaulthead are not a legitimate company. I ordered a denim jacket on 10/26 and I have not receive it. I called Customers Service and got no answer I even emailed them and no answer. I even did there one day delivery and I checked my package (if there is one) and it says it still in china. These people are scammers DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

Rachel – Sep 26, 2020

NOWHERE is it mentioned that the store is based in China (must be one of those pawn shops, if at all there is one).
Purchased a pillow on 15th Aug 20 worth 54 USD.
Got a couple of intermittent ‘Order is on its way’ type of e-mails.
Finally, on 26th Sep 20, I got a mail from [email protected] saying order cannot be processed due to COVID-19, meaning it was still in China.
TO MY SURPRISE, A FURTHER 54 USD were debited from my account.
I am taking this up with the bank authorities and cyber cell now.
DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT make a purchase from

[censored]I*G THIEVES!

Dawn – Jul 03, 2020

Mine is the same experience. I purchased in April 2020, and two months later my pillow is still in China also IF it really exists and they are no longer responding to my emails which is the only way they show to communicate with them. They appear like they are in the United States but are from China and are not reputable at all please save your money and do not purchase from them. There is not even a way to contact them on their website and it shows a copy right of 2020 on their website. Fake company.

Paul – May 23, 2020

Victim Location 10901

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Vaulthead does not appear to be a legitimate company. I ordered a pillow from them on 4/15 and now it is 5/23. Customer Service got back at first, but now they have completely ignored my inquires. My package is still in China, if it exists at all. $40 down the drain. Do not purchase from Vaulthead!


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