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Tyrone – Jan 25, 2021

Horrible company they have no integrity! They tell you that they cover oil changes, breaks, motor, power terrain, electrical. When I went to get my breaks done they said that they cover $100. When I went to get my timing belt replaced my mechanic noticed the water pump seal was leaking (which sits behind the timing belt) which means the water pump is on the way out. So we took initiative after I was told it was covered by vanguard to have it replaced. They denied the claim and now I’m left paying another $400 on top of what I paid for the timing belt. I was paying vanguard $175 a month to take care of crap like this. I canceled and they told me they only reimburse for 60 days after. Don’t use this company they are horrible!

Cassie – Oct 02, 2020

Same I accepted the policy and then my husband passed away very tragically suddenly and very unexpectedly. I have tried to call and cancel this policy with them since the d day after I purchased it. I cant get anyone on the phone. Emails won’t go through. Can’t find a mailing address. Total trash. Im not sure what to do

Russell – Oct 01, 2020

I got a call about about an extended warranty for my car I paid for it and everything but Ford is saying there is no warranty on the car I tried calling the number back but it doesn’t ring

Jacquelyn – Sep 11, 2020

Have not been able to contact these clowns want it canceled their web site is useless there is a 30 minute or more wait time when you call phone message have an email address that will not go through. I did get the billing company and told them to stop payments and I am calling my credit card to stop anything that comes from them hope this helps others

Jonathan – Aug 27, 2020

This place is an absolute scam. I called 4 times to try to cancel my coverage with this company, and I kept getting the runaround. I was told I would get a call back and never did. I was told that I would get a full refund if I called to cancel within 30 days. Both of the ladies I spoke to were so rude. Stephanie tried telling me how to manage my money because I didn’t want to pay for their ridiculous coverage. This place is a joke. Stephanie got mad, cut me off, and said “ok I’ll update your file. Bye!” And hung up on me. I called my bank immediately to dispute the charges. Don’t waste your time and money on this scam.

Lydia – Aug 17, 2020

I was advised that I have 30 days to review the contract and I can cancel within the 30 days and I will get my deposit refunded back to me. After comparing what I had on my vehicle, I noticed it was double the price and the exact same thing. So, when I decided to first send an email. I got no response from the email, so I called in and spoke to a Susan Hill, which she would not take that I wanted to cancel this policy, in other words she was saying that I was being stupid to cancel this policy, and if there is any other vehicle I could put this on. I did explain to her that I was told that I could cancel within the 30 days with no QUESTIONS asked OR EVEN BE HASSLED. I agreed to have her call me back the following Monday, she never called me, so I thought she had just decided to cancel this policy. Well, I found out that they have charged my credit card for the first months payment, I called spoke to several different girls, and the last gal Stephanie, was down right RUDE, and basically called me a liar and said why didn’t I call back if Susan did not call me, and why would I want to cancel this policy anyway, she just didn’t understand it, because it is like a NEW VEHICLE POLICY. She would not listen to what I had to say, but decided to make it my FAULT that I got charged the first months premium. (Where does it say it’s ok to insinuate the customer is being stupid) JUST TAKE THE DAMM CANCELLATION.

Raul –

Victim Location 48195

Total money lost $853

Type of a scam Other

They called me and lured me in to getting Maintenance insurance of my Honda Odyssey 2012. I paid $155 as initial payment and then monthly payments, with total of over $800. When I got a maintennace issue, then all workshops refused to accept their maintenance warranty. When I called the number 1888-684-1273 and 1855-500-6287 then the lady Dolres Mercado told me that I may cancel the insurance and get refund cheque. It has been 8 months that I am calling them , and different ladies keep telling me that they have sent me refund cheque. But I never got the cheque. Finally I called them and the lady Dolres had to admit that they are scam, and I may do whatever I can to get the money back.

Phone: +1 (800) 298-4306

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