Valve Corporation Employment Scam

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Nicole –

Victim Location 76132

Type of a scam Employment

I was in looking for a job and come across this data Clerk page and I applied and about a day later I got a message from a lady named Nancy saying i need to download hangout to contact the manager named Kimberly Rice & so i did and that was how we communicated. Hangout is just another form of text messages. Then she asked me some interview questions the random like why do you want this job do you have experience Etc. Then I was told to wait while she sent the interview questions to HR. Then about an hour later I got a message stating I got the job based on experience but yet they didn’t ask for no documentation this wasn’t face to face she told me it was a home-based job. Then she stated that I was going to receive a check so I can purchase my mini office to set up so then I started asking questions saying is this a scam is this real and she stated that it was a legitimate job but I was sitting in the back of my head that no job would send you a check for them to receive it back as money it made no sense. So I started digging into scams the phone number I personally called valve software corporation which is located in Washington and they stated that they didn’t have any other companies outside of Washington. The number that was popping up was a Florida number and then I got a FedEx and it was actually from Virginia so they bounce around everywhere. Anyways I started looking for scams and actually found that other people have gone through the same thing but with under different names. So I messaged that number back stating it was a scam and that I would be reporting them but I did not give any of them my personal banking information or nothing like that. Then I received the check in the mail and it’s so fake they ask you to cash it in and to return the money to them and then couple days later your bank will call you stating that it was a fake check but I did not do that because no company would actually ask you to do that.

Nina –

Victim Location 23225

Type of a scam Employment

They have messaged me multiply times this month, the first business they used was ADP. I forgot the second one they used, the third was Valve software. They asked me to download a google hangouts. They said I could work from home making $28 an hour. I knew it was a scam when the person said that tomorrow we will discuss my jobs and duties and about the equipment being delivered to my home. When "tomorrow " came around, the person asked for my name address and email and once it was received they said " well that’s all for today" I reminded them that they planned to discuss my duties and they blocked me. Also because the person planned to meet with me on google hangouts by 9am and was late logging in.



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