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Teresa – Oct 13, 2020

I supposedly won a giveaway back in May and I paid for the shipping. Never saw the product. I emailed and messaged on instagram with zero follow up.

Tristan – Jul 16, 2020

Yes I apparently won the contest, paid my $9 shipping and it’s been 2 months and I have received nothing. I tried emailing the support email, messaging on Instagram and I have received no response. I told the host of the contest. And I also noticed they have comments turned off of their more recent posts because the others are flooded with comments warning of the scam. Very disappointing, and now they have my credit card #…

Patricia – Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 90210

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I want to warn my fellow influencers of a scam with a company called Vacchi Woman which is a swimwear line supposedly based in Italy. They asked me to host a giveaway for them last month where 20 people win a free bikini if they follow and DM the company. Two days after I posted about it, I received a DM from a mutual friend who told me she had found a couple of accounts on IG dedicated to warning others about this company and their giveaway scam.

Essentially what happened is they sent direct messages to every single person that messaged them saying they were the winner. They included a link to enter their shipping details including credit card info to pay around $8.00 in shipping. At first all seemed well, I emailed my "contact" Courtney Powell who claimed to be the head of PR for the company. I told her someone had warned me that the giveaway may have been a scam and she said "we are aware of these accusations and negative comments regarding our company. Rest assured we are here to keep the workflow of the company unaffected and deliver what is promised" I wasn’t completely convinced but decided to give it time before I freaked out. She said that my two free bikinis which was the compensation for hosting the giveaway would be processed and to expect a shipping confirmation within 24 hours. I waited three days and then followed up, no response and a shipping confirmation never came. Seven days later (today) I followed up again and immediately received a bounce back email saying the account didn’t exist anymore.

Please report the Instagram account:

Also if you have any other suggestions for reporting a company for fraudulent behavior, please share.

Rodney – May 30, 2020

Victim Location 08816

Total money lost $8.99

Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by Sara Bennet [email protected] who claims to be Sara Bennet

Head of Marketing | Vacchi Woman

M: +39-313-5558-881

My reason for concern is because she contacted me to assist her via Instagram run a Giveaway (promotion) that included swimsuits from VACCIWOMAN.

I ran the campaign on my Instagram on May 26th

Many of my followers who were supposedly "winners" of Vacciwoman product have now received emails saying their orders have been "cancelled" … this is after they paid via credit cards for shipping costs.

The credit card information being provided is now at risk.

Buyers beware of the swimsuit company or Sara Bennet claiming to be head of marketing for that company.


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