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Megan –

Victim Location 84057

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email advertising for a job offer where you can get a vehicle wrap for your vehicle and get paid to advertise a dominoes ad. I was asked to give my name, address and contact information. I was mailed a check for $2300. I have not deposited the check yet as it sounds and looks very fishy to me. I have read alot about companies who send fake checks to try and get your bank information or other information about you. I am not sure if this company is legit or not but I wanted to report it. The check was signed by a Ronald A Bennett. The upper left hand side of the check shows the company of AAA Box Co. Inc. 2530 Fairway Park Drive Houston, TX 77092. I looked up this company and it is a company that makes cardboard boxes which is no way connected it seems to a car wrap advertising company like the email stated. I am not sure whether to just trash the check, or mail it back to the address labeled on the Priority Mail envelope. The envelope was USPS Priority mail type envelope, so that part looks ok. I jknow now the check itself is a counterfeit check. I wanted to let people know about this potential scam. Thank you



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