Trust Community Foundation Grant

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Adriana –

Victim Location 20011

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have had a scam presented to be called "Trust Community Foundation" Grant, that suppose to be a government grant program. I was asked to provide personal information. Then was offered 20,000 if I fedex 500.00 for delivery and tax fees. I rejected offer. The guy keep on assisted that the program was not a fake. He even had the nerve to ask for my facebook username and password.

Stacey –

Victim Location 61065

Type of a scam Government Grant

An acquaintance from childhood contacted me over facebook (I learned from a mutual friend that he had been hacked) regarding a purported government grant, called the "Trust Community Foundation Grant." When I searched the name, I came up with a name of an organization in New Zealand, although the scammer assured me it was an American program. He pressed me to contact the phone number listed above and told me that I would need to pay a fee (of varying amounts from $300 to $10,000) to receive the grant money. I did not contact that number. I took screenshots of the entire conversation.



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  1. trust community foundation is a scam – someone give me a link that where to a joseph Henson to end a message. it suppose to be a grant program but the guy tell you to give some information he will check to see if your name is in a date base than he tell you what you qualify for then the guy ask for money to get money tell you to go to Wal-Mart or Walgreen and ask if you have a debit card. don’t do anything when it come to send money, it a scam!!

  2. is a 3 in 1 scam. I was contacted on facebook chat from someone I thought was a facebook friend telling me about a grant with International Cooperation Grant website. Then FB CHAT profile went away but said instagram user. I tried to do some research to see if there was any negative on this company because the website looked pretty good. I should know better I design websites I have 4 of my own. There was nothing on this organization like complaint so I completed the website plug in form needing funds badly thinking I was applying for a grant. Two weeks later I received a call from Nicholas Velasquez, the person whose name was on website who did an verification taking my photo after sending me a code to my phone and told me I was approved and would receive a Bank of America card in 7 to 10 days. Then I received a text asking for more information my utility bill, drivers license and 2019 tax returns (no bank info on it I never include as he probably hoped for) to be sent to website email. I received a screen shot of what looked like the EDD database with my name, date of birth, amount of benefits I qualified for which I never requested any benefit application only thought i was getting a grant. I strung him along did not tell him I know what that was. Then he asked me what credit card was I using today and I said why do you need that for the grant? He said for the application but i did not give acct info. He asked was i married, I said that’s irrelevant, he asked about what bank I use again and he told me he could pay my credit card off and I said I dont need you to do that for me I can do that myself. Then next day told me there was a mistake another persons card was coming to my address from Wells Fargo bank and I told him do not send anyone’s mail to my address. He said it was a mistake and it will come in my name, I said I do not want anyone else’s mail coming to my mailbox and postal worker will return it He wanted me to take a photo of card and other mail with pin code to his phone number, which I never did because that did not have my name on it and I would never open anyone elses mail. It was in the name of the person he said it belonged to from Wells Fargo bank, I returned that mail to postal worker in post office which was for my saying I do not know this person and do not want anyone else’s mail in my box and to return to Wells Fargo. I also called Wells Fargo Fraud Dept. to tell them someone’s card and mail coming to my address and no one by that name has ever lived with me. I also notified EDD fraud several times, made a report to providing documents to verify my identity such as passport, degree, birth certificate, and did a report to the Dept Of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and a scam website where i finally saw another report that another person made about this company INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION GRANT.COM. I blocked this person off my phone and he sent an email to me from person whose mail got sent to my address forwarding me an email from Wells Fargo saying card was on the way, if this person is real I do not know, who was expecting the Wells Fargo card. I never received any Bank of America card for the grant, which was weird anyway, but I reported this identity theft to Bank of America Customer protection/Fraud who found a card with my soc sec# and I am not a B of A customer, reported every step to EDD Fraud division and EDD Integrity unit several times. I also called U.S. Atty, info officer, office who gave me info on where to make reports of identity theft. I also created a timeline log of everything I have done to fight this identity theft. I finally received the address of where my named mail was going to unknown address in Sacramento, California from Bank of America EDD card services fraud unit today. They said card got blocked because the person stealing it could not identify as me now my funds in my soc sec # are on hold at B of A and EDD and it is extremely difficult to get through to EDD as B of A suggested many times. I was hoping a police investigator could go to the address and find out who is accepting mail in my name but that police dept was not helpful told me to contact police in my state which does not make any sense said they would contact their dept just someone else passing the buck don’t want to do their job. I am also communicating with the GBI about this and to find out what to do next so I can legitimately apply and receive my benefits that I worked hard for without a criminal stranger thief stealing my benefits using my social security number. Now I am having a problem getting my legitimate claim for benefits processed because my social security number, phone number and account is connected and screwed up with this identity theft situation. Now I believe EDD and are suspicious of me but I will not stop until I know my soc sec # is cleared with and EDD. This is crazy.

  3. I was just contacted today on fb chat about the Trust Community Foundation and the person who was supposed to be a fb friend said did I get my money? He said he would give me the number to contact his agent. I did out of curiosity and was asked was I ready and to provide personal information and I asked what is the fee? He responded $500. I blocked his number and responded to my so called friend on fb chat saying it was a scam. I never gave any information.

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