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Jessie –

Victim Location 85041

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call stating it was a legal service company trying to collect on a debt for a payday loan. I was left a message to call back to a 855-233-0745 number to obtain information or I would be served legal paperwork and possibly have garnishments taken out of my paycheck. When I called back everything went well the first call and I was told I would be emailed a form that would have more information on it but it did not.

All it had on top was initials for a company of LSA and a phone number to call if I had questions (stated this was an authorization form for payment). Tristar Legal Services, address and main phone number for contact were nowhere on there. The email came form an email address of Trying to contact the company a second time to obtain more information and to have the legal documents sent to me via email, mail or certified methods was impossible. The representative that I apparently was assigned to became irritated and began yelling at me when I asked for confirmation to be sent to me of the company information. She said she did not have to provide that over the phone or even over an email. That the courts would decide what to do and that I would be served legally. As she was screaming at me over the phone, she called me names and was very unprofessional. I called a third time and tried to speak to a supervisor and was told none was available when I called and that I would need to call back. I contacted and it turns out that this company is using a real law firms name. When I spoke to the real firm, I was informed that yes someone is using their name illegally and that is has been reported.


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