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Travis –

Victim Location 32257

Type of a scam Debt Collections

It started with a voicemail magically appearing on my phone from Santa Barbara California they gave me an 866 number to call to get information on a package they were trying to deliver I called the number immediately I’m told about a debt that I had incurred in Portland Oregon some odd years ago and now they are required by law to inform me that they’re going to be taking me to court that they have been trying to do so via the mail add an old address not my current address which I had updated with the US Postal Service a year and a half ago. Always implied never actually said I need to pay. He even said those words, i didn’t say that! He know literally all my information. I told him if we’re to go into courts then have a currier service just deliver it now. He then say no starts saying how awful I am. And stupid. I ask for the company name and the address all I got is the trinity management no letters following this two words, and McKinney tx. That’s it. I asked for the name of the Attorney handling my case, he very roughly responds that I’m ridiculous to ask that information he has 30-40 of them and can’t just look it up. Ridiculous


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