Check Tricoveil reviews to see if it is legit.

Walter – May 29, 2020

They flat ripped me off. They kept responding to my emails until I requested a refund after 3 months of back and forth. Once I made the request they stopped responding at all. Total ripoff! This was supposed to be tools to the tune of about $100.

Kari – Apr 25, 2020

The same thing happened to me for an order I placed of an air purifier on The order total was $56.19 and all I received six weeks after was a cheep fake version of RayBan sunglasses from China. I reported the incident to PayPal (used in the transaction) and they refunded me the money in a few weeks.

Margaret – Apr 22, 2020

Tricoveil send me a different (cheap garbage) item, which they used it to made up a tracking number for the real ordered item. Scam.

Bradley – Apr 21, 2020

I was sent the Fake RayBan Womens Glasses also. Ordered a Guitar from the Camalake site. This Guy Guanglin Hao is Not Real… He or They are Scammers Thieves Rip Off’s I sent them tons of emails Never a response Called that 317 number hundreds of times Ring Ring Ring. They have many many web sites offering products. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! They will Rip You Off! I have the FBI & Justice Department after Them… They WILL GO Down.. They will Go To Jail!

Felicia – Apr 17, 2020

I purchased from the same individual [email protected] from www.selvedica the item was not shipped filed a complaint with pay pal , the contacted the seller and once the item shipped they closed the case and will not listen or open a scam case. Pay Pal is empowering this person and will not do anything about it. I am pulling out of pay pal . They suck lately, Spread this person’s name around. I received the same scam glasses, FLOOD Pay Pa; with complaints

Diana – Apr 09, 2020

I ordered a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush from a seller who took my payment by PayPal. It was weeks before I contacted them, and they stated it was taking so long due to the pandemic. Well when my package arrived, I was shipped a pair of knock off rayban sunglasses. This is not what I ordered, and I’ve emailed the seller and sent a photo of the incorrect item and have not heard back for an entire week. PayPal won’t dispute it because there was a package sent to me.. I am livid!

Aaron – Apr 09, 2020

Contact info

文亮 徐
The receiver of this payment is Non-US – Verified
[email protected]
Payment Sent to

[email protected]

This is the seller contact information

Brandy – Mar 06, 2020

Hi! I ordered x2 Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set just yesterday with out reading these reviews. Hopefully ill get a tracking number in 2 business days as seen on there website. I also read on other websites that the customer got something different from what they ordered. I placed my order via PayPal. I’m going to give them 3-4 business days before I place a claim with PayPal. If anyone is interested on more information I was provided a name and email of the seller on my PayPal transaction, and this was it: “ You sent a payment of $141.36 USD to 徐 文亮
([email protected])”, I hope this helps and I’ll keep you all posted on what happens to this order.

Latoya – Apr 09, 2020

I received a pair of knock off raybans instead of the 65 dollars facial cleansing brush I ordered. I contacted about an exchange or refund and they have not responded in a week. PayPal denied my case bc it shows that an item was shipped and delivered. This is a scam!

Grace – Feb 21, 2020

Victim Location 77068

Total money lost $74

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have copied the email I received after I made the purchase. I got their information from OFFER UP so I thought it was legit. I have received nothing from them since then. The money was taken out 3 days later.

This is a HTML email and your email client software does not support HTML email!


Thank you for your interest in Tricoveil products. Your order has been received and will be processed once payment has been confirmed.

Order Details

Order ID: 8823

Date Added: 16/02/2020

Payment Method:

E-mail: w***

Telephone: 832***

IP Address:

Order Status: Processing

Payment Address Shipping Address




Houston, Texas

United States G***


*** Walt

Houston, Texas

United States

Product Model Quantity Price Total

SKIL 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand, 3410-02 NO15167209 1 $68.99 $68.99

Sub-Total: $68.99

Total: $68.99

Drew – Mar 06, 2020

Did you receive your order yet?

Jeffery – Feb 13, 2020

Ordered a Craftsman tool set online. I purchased using PayPal. It sent me an email with an order number, and charged my account. In the 2 weeks since, nothing. No shipping info, no responses to emails. Nothing!

Stephanie – Mar 06, 2020

Has Trivoveil responded yet?

Zachary – Feb 01, 2020

Malicima no te envian las cosa y te roban el dinero

Carla –

Victim Location 26241

Total money lost $69.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offered Kobalt Tool Set 227 piece for 69.99 online. I purchased this using my debit card cause it would not accept any other payment. Had to set up an account and did that and then put in my debit card as a credit card. It came up and said Fatal Error has occurred and did not give me an order number or anything. Checked my banking account and the money was taken out and the payee was The Accident, TX wth a phone number 574-271-4585 and I tried to call that number and it’s been disconnected. I have tried to call the phone number given on the website which is 317-758-1002 and it just rings and rings. Never an answer. I have tried to email, call and go into my account and there is no history of any transaction. The owners name is Guanglin Hao. And it says to call or email if any issues.



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