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Jamie –

Victim Location 90007

Type of a scam Employment

Please note how the first two weeks is supposed to be bankrolled through my personal account. There was a five min interview on the phone where I was basically cut off every time I had a question. Also note the poor grammar.

5% will pay you a client, not our company.

Salary: 5% from every transaction – during the probationary period

$2050/2 weeks + 5% from every transaction – after the probationary period.

You’ll receive transfers from $1000 to $5000. An average of 1 – 3 transfers a week.

Transsend Payments is an online money transfer service, which allows you to transfer money up to several times cheaper than with the bank.

Transsend Payments is the clever new way to convert money to send abroad.

Transsend Payments supports more than 300 currency routes across the world as well as providing multi-currency accounts.

The technology is based on a peer-to-peer system. If someone wants to convert their dollars to bitcoin,

Our technology finds someone who wants to transfer money in the opposite direction (bitcoin into dollars).

The concept is to match transfers with other people and then have a small commission while using the inter-bank mid exchange rate.

Unlike traditional currency transfers where there is a buy and sell rate and the broker takes the difference between the two.

Our clients often wish to receive money as fast as it possible and faster way to cashout these payments when our

representative – Service Customer Manager – cashouting transfers for our clients then send them money by Money Transfer Systems such as Bitcoin,

Western Union or Money Gram. Our web based system has connected with thousands of affiliate programs and securely delivered thousands of payments to contractors

and suppliers worldwide. Whether you’re an employee, webmaster, publisher, partner or vendor you need to get paid quickly, safely, and hassle-free.

There is one more reason why company not processing some payments directly: We are providing business and personal addresses of

our representatives for our international clients they have possibility work with many persons and companies.

All of our clients and representatives are strongly verified.

Please note: You will use your personal bank account only for the period of training, in the future the company will provide you with a corporate account.

During the passage of all the stages you will be supported by me.

Please be attentive to all the details during training.

Our department is responsible for money transfers between customers.

Sometime it’s easier for our customers to make local transfers.

It helps to save time and money of our customers.

(International transfers cost a lot of money and take too much time).

So you will be responsible for money transfers between our customers.

First 2 weeks you will be on a probationary period. So you will proceed

everything from your personal account. At the end of the probation period,

you will be granted access to our corporate accounts.

Payment would be made directly to your account and then you will transfer them.

It is not necessary would be bank transfers.

Very often you will use another money transfer systems like Bitcoin, etc. It’s all depend on the deal.

All information about payments you will receive from me by email.

You also will get the task, which describes sequence step by step.

What you need is to follow it.

Sincerely, Diana Neumann

Office Coordinator/Hiring Manager

Transsend Payments Limited



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