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Sophia –

Victim Location 38119

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

*** received a call from a *** *** on 7/16/2019 advising us that he had received a check from *** in the amount of $2600 and was wondering what it was for. We checked and determined we had not sent Mr. *** any check. The check had our bank routing and account number, but the check number was 5 digits and not 4 (which is where we are now in our check no. count). He was kind enough to send me copies of what he was sent (via Fedex) and it listed the company this complaint is filing against. The package included a small piece of paper asking the recipient to test or email their name and check number for additional information. When he did that, after talking with me, he got a response telling him to cash or deposit check and keep $500 and give the balance to someone who would be showing up to wrap his car! I then became inundated with calls from that to today from many, many others all of the United States. Some were FedEx and some were USPS. The check were for 2600 or 2540.59. I have received over 25 calls from honest people receiving the checks and not cashing — we have also had 10 actually endorse check and try to cash — obviously, our account was closed and alerted and none were paid by our bank — I also received a call from Suntrust Bank today asking about another check that was trying to be cashed. I can’t imagine how many checks are out there! I have filed a police report but was told there was nothing that could be done. I have names, addresses, numbers and am trying to obtain other documents from more people. Please note that we did not lose any money….yet…and I pray we don’t, but the number of people who have called and the number who have cashed chec


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