Total Quality Logistics Spoof

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Leslie –

Victim Location 34482

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was sent a check from this company by one Jason Armstrong, who lives in Toronto, Canada. I deposited it with no hold on it, according to my bank. Two days later, I received another larger check from the same source. This time there was a hold, and I was notified that the other check had not cleared. It turned out that both checks were returned as worthless. This was all day before yesterday. Today, I received a call (obviously fraudulent) from a young woman with a thick Indian accent informing me she was with Interpol and proceeded to threaten me because I was calling and needed to stop. I asked for her badge number, to which she took offense. I admit that I did call twice yesterday, but the phone I had the number for was turned off. I have not called since because it is probably a waste of time. Oh, there was a letter that came with the checks that indicated I was supposed to call before cashing them, which I did both times; both times I was told that the checks could be cashed.



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