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Ian –

Victim Location 33460

Type of a scam Employment

I was online looking for jobs, as I have been unemployed in S. FL. for 9 months. Since I have some physical issues and signed a non-compete agreement with the company that acquired my company(but live in a waterfront property with a pet that needs medication twice a day), I was hoping to change careers and work from home. I dont recall now, what site I was on when I noticed off to the right was an ad that said "Top 3 Work at Home Jobs Reviewed, with as seen on: MSNBC, CBB, ABC, BBC. That led me to believe, wow…this must be legit. I printed the article that came up when I clicked on the ad, sat on the couch reading. Okay this is good, but it sounds a little too good to be true. No training required, no past experience required and you can make thousands of dollars a week. It gives a rating for each, explains the pros and cons…and that they’ve tried many, were scammed, but this was the real thing. So I went to all 3 given as the "best" and they all turned out to be a scam. I am so glad I followed my instincts. They sung the praises of: 1. Online Jobs Now 2. Secure Job Position 3. My Online Dream Biz. First telltale sign is they want you to sign up for $100 (your ROI will happen in a day)! THEN to make it worse, I searched these sites on google to see if they were scams, and the results were "yes of course it’s a scam…here’s why: extensive proof is given… very convincing lure and then after you read this saying "yep I knew it!" there’s a link to yet another website if you REALLY want a trustworthy online job.



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