Tonny Andrew from SAMSUNG

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Colin –

Victim Location 33141

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Note: Type of scam also includes "fake check". I responded to a Craigslist ad regarding wrapping my vehicle for a SAMSUNG advertisement. The person who contacted me called himself Tonny Andrew and said he worked for SAMSUNG. I felt something was up when I was offered a check up front. My doubt was confirmed when Tonny informed me I should deposit the check and use a portion of it to get my car wrapped and keep the rest as payment for the service. I went along with it in hopes of gathering more information to use against "Tonny". The check arrived and was blatantly fake. The typed information laid outside of the check border lines on the front and the information on the back of the check was slightly misaligned/slanted. I played along and told Tonny I received the check and would deposit it at my earliest convenience. Two days went by and Tonny began hassling me about depositing the check, saying the car had to be wrapped before the following week. I did not immediately respond. The next day, Tonny became verbally aggressive saying I was delaying the process and needed to go to Western Union with the "graphic artist money" (grammar check please) right away. I said I was busy and would do it later. After an array of nonsensical texts filled with spelling and grammatical errors, I finally responded, "Now you are delaying the process" and blocked him. SCAM PROCESS: 1) Victims deposit check; 2) Scammer requires victim to immediately pay for car-wrapping to some illegitimate company; 3) Victim never receives car wrapping; 4) Check bounces two days later and victim is down money spent on "car wrapping" and bounced check fee; 5) Scammer gets money from victim’s account. KEY POINTS: 1) Be very wary of Craigslist ads (obvious); 2) Do not ever deposit a check that you feel is fraudulent. If you cannot tell if a check is fraudulent, look up examples online or bring it to your personal bank and have them inspect it; 3) Do not pay for any service you should be getting paid for;4) If payment is made up front, it’s usually too good to be true; 5) Check grammar and spelling. Professionals will not write with multiple errors.



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