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Trisha –

Victim Location 77494

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I bought tickets online from Ticketmaster website but did not receive a confirmation email. Then, I saw this 844 Ticketmaster phone # to call for questions at 844-307-5929 (talked to Tony). I call them and they said they were Ticketmaster and that my seats were taken by another client at the same time, but I told them I was already charged for those tickets. They said I needed to buy a Google Play or Ticketmaster gift card and then they would make a new reservation with new cheaper seats in the same area of the arena. I bought a Google Play gift card to pay for the second transaction, as they told me that they would refund my money on the original transaction on the spot on our call and would send me proof of that refund. Then, I got upset and asked to talk to a manager and they gave me the phone number to call 844-577-2703 (talked to Jason). I then was told to go buy another gift card after the fact, to get my refund back from them. They also got angry with me when I said this sounds like a scam and then hung up on me. I never received an email with the confirmation for the second set of tickets I bought via the Google play gift card nor a refund. Also, I called the real 800 number for Ticketmaster and they said neither of these two 844 phone numbers are Ticketmaster valid phone numbers. Please be sure to investigate this scam and bust this operation and expose it for what it is, a SCAM. I don’t wont others to be a victim of this deceit! Thanks kindly.

Karen –

Victim Location 10005

Total money lost $360

Type of a scam Phishing

The following numbers are scamming and pretending to be Ticketmaster Customer Service. I fell victim to it today and lost 360 dollars from a pre-paid card and my original ticket number, name, email address were all compromised as well. So i received a refund on my tickets, cant goto the show now and I lost 360 dollars to pre-paid card. The scammer phone number appeared in a google ad when I google searched "TIcketmaster Order Number Seats Lookup." They pick up saying Ticketmaster Customer Service, whats your order number, I gave it to them, they say the order is cancelled. They claim its a first come first serve, the tickets must of gone when you were putting your card info in on the phone. I reply thats not acceptable, thats poor customer service. They then said they can get me Section 123 at 330 dollars a piece with my American Express. I reply thats still unnacceptable. They then said we can give you our pre-sale deal to make up for it but you need to get the ticketmaster pre-paid gift card at your nearest store like Walgreens. I say I cant get away, they say will hold them for an hour, call me back, hears the confirmation number- 67-85692-NY1. I goto Walgreens, the scammer calls me just as Im arriving somehow, he then walks me through, the ticketmaster pre-paid card is blue and white. I keep scanning, sorry cant find it, ok Sir we also will take the google play card for this promotion. I purchased the google play card for $360 dollars, give info number. They say there is a problem, not working, we need you to purchase another, ticketmaster will refund this one. At that point, I realize this is a scam, how can ticketmaster refund my google play card. And I end the call with them. I get on the phone with American Express right away.

Here are the scammer numbers claiming to be Ticket Master Customer Service





The 972-616-4427 phone number that claims to be ticket master also calls themselves CAWilson when I called back. They gave me the address 308 North College and then hung up.



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