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Bobby –

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer must have known I been looking for a job off Indeed, I received a email of a possible job opportunity working from home. I was sent these forms to fill out the application and right away I was "the right candidate," it was just seconds after as if it were a automated message. The job entails to work from home online, and you have a 10 day trial period. Great pay and flexible hours so it does sound to good to be true. I spoke with Miya *** the "HR, representer," for the company and just speaking with her and trying to clarify my concerns I knew I was not confidence to continue, I did more research on the task I was given, anything that relates to linking your personal financial account and taking money out of it and depositing the money into a Bitcoin machine account just did not sound right. I did more research and the story just sounded like many other scams. I emailed her saying I am sorry, but this is a scam and I will report you, at first she was so eager to answer my emails and after that I have not heard from her.

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