The Watchers

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Arthur –

Victim Location 75044

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

This site was recommended to me by someone i befriended on the Tandem app , and on facebook. this site supposedly is a bitcoin trading site. but it is fake. I registered my self on it and am now trying to delete my information and it is not letting me. And when i try to contact the website and send an email from it, nothing works .It just gives me an error message. The person who claimed to want to help me financially who sent me to this site calls himself Martino Dante, an Italian living in England main picture , his is in a tuxedo. and giving an email address of [email protected] or [email protected] He did how ever convince me to go to a website called "" and create a bitcoin account and I sent him $90 believing he was investing it for me and going to send it back to this bitcoin account. Coinbase has much security and I believe it to be real and this person has no access to this account … Everything had to be sent to a bitcoin address. Before giving him any other info bank related, etc.. he called me on facebook, using his thumb to hide the camera. Has a very heavy african accent. definitely out to scam people of their money. he kept insisting on asking for my bank info . which i declined , I want to let you know and that also is there any way to check this site and close it down and remove my information from it.



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