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Type of a scam Online Purchase

I shopped around for a Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Jet Cleaner. This company called "The Natalie Shop" offered this item on sale at $296.99 vice $349.99 (no tax and no shipping). If you do a web search for this specific product, The Natalie Shop is the first company you will see).

I placed my order on 20 Sept 2015 through their website and promptly received an email confirming my order (order#***). On 21 Sept, I received another email letting me know that my order is complete and is "awaiting shipment". This status did not change for two days. Hence, I emailed the company through their website "contact us". On 22 Sept, I asked when would the status of my order change? When will it ship? No response. I emailed again on 23 Sept and asked for a status update. No response. My order was still reflecting "awaiting shipment". On 24 Sept, I emailed again and stated that I have not been able to locate a customer support phone number (they do not have one listed on their site) and that being that I have not received responses to my emails, can they please provide me with a phone number to contact? Still no response to my email, however I did get an automatic generated email letting me know my order status has now changed to "shipped" and I was provided a USPS tracking #*** Tracking information indicated I would receive my item at my residence on 29 Sept. On the 29th of Sept, my item did not arrive. I then check USPS tracking and discovered that on 29 Sept, the "Sender requested we hold this package" at 1046 and then at 1800 another annotation stated "As requested by the sender, the delivery change for this package was completed/The sender requested that we return this package". I contacted USPS and asked why was my item being returned??? USPS shared that no reason was provided and that my package was being returned to East Brunswick, New Jersey. Being that the company had to this day not acknowledge my personal emails, I asked USPS if they had additional contact information for this company. USPS said no. Fortunately, Paypal customer service was still open (this is all happening in the evening) and I immediately contacted them (where I made my payment through). The Paypal representative found my transaction and indicated to me that this company is in China, not Huntington Beach as indicated on their website. PayPal reinforced my idea to contact the regarding my transaction as they also agreed this transaction was a scam. I asked for any company information they had on file tied to where my $296.99 went to and Paypal gave me an email address of [email protected] and a phone number of 84-907-452-521. I verified several times this phone number and Paypal confirmed that’s what they show on file. Appears to be an overseas number. Fortunately, Paypal agreed to reimburse my money (3-5 business days). This scam needs to be shut down to avoid impacting other consumers. I have substantial documented proof of my transaction referencing my order, USPS and Paypal. PLEASE HELP BBB!!!!



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