The Million Dollar Sweepstakes

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Matthew – Apr 15, 2020

Victim Location 45011

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a call around 12:30pm EST from 1-800-536-9782. I received a shortly before this from a Ft. Lauderdale number. He said his name was Daniel Peters from The Million Dollar Sweepstakes. He said I won 2nd prize million sweepstakes won $7.5 million and Mercedes Eclad and there would be no cost, no tax. Then he came up with 1,875,000 for taxes. He wanted to know my bank name, and when I started to give it to him, and my husband said no don’t give him that, that’s when husband took phone from me, and said sir we are not going to finish answering the questions and then the call was hung up. He said it was very important to have beneficiaries I gave him my husband and after second kid, they said that’s all and repeated a couple things.



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