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Eric –

Victim Location 49233

Type of a scam Tech Support

On March 4, 2019 a message popped up on my screen which locked up my computer. It said I had a virus and I need to contact Microsoft Technical Support immediately and do not shut off my computer. I called 888-993-1273 and spoke with Sam Reeds (a middle East person). He said he would clean my computer of the virus for $299.99. When he took over my computer he showed my a screen that he said 35 people were already attached to my computer and 79 attempts had failed. He passed me off to another person who wanted to sell me their services for one, five, or ten years; when I refused he said they would give me a year of service free for the $299.99 I was to pay for the cleaning and told me to only use 888-713-1392 from now on. After an hour and a half they called me back and said it was done and they had put four different icons on my desktop, and to call them only on my phone if I had any other problems. I found out the next day this was a scam to get my credit card, so I canceled the card before they could use it.



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