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Katrina –

Victim Location 60660

Total money lost $95

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Last year My computer was taken over by these people. An Indian man and an asian called Daniel Hag. Long story short they bribed me and I was defrauded for ***!!! There are rogue "tech supports" out there. But thiscompany apparenlty has been investigated in India and their website denys all charges against them. They have a fact or fiction statement!!! They also say they are commited to finding these fraudsters.

I have made a police report and i just recently called the FBI. YOU must continue to Investigate!! PLEASE! The reason I am writing is I was cntacted by the SAME MAN 2 days ago. I will never forget that voice. I saw all the money you list they have stolen!!! The number he called from is at the top of the list. From Altlanta….yeah right. PLEASE HELP!! PLEASE INVESTIGATE!!!! please keep me informed!



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