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Sergio –

Victim Location 13316

Type of a scam Tech Support

team viewer called to say they moving out of state abd were giving me my $250.00 back into acct, but gave info instead another scam

Kristin –

Victim Location 41144

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called a phone number listed online that appeared to be for Quicken tech support. The number I called was 855-676-2448. I explained the problem I was having and was asked to hang up and he would call me right back. I got a call back from a Skype number 661-748-0240. He had me bring up a website called He then brought up a window and had me click on "Trustworthy", which allowed him access to my Quicken program. He ran what looked like some checks on my system and then showed me a HuLu website that he said was causing my problems. He also showed me a screen that showed that there were hundreds or corrupted and damaged files. He said he could fix the problem and I had the option of paying $99.00 for a one year plan to prevent the problem from happening again or $149.00 for a lifetime plan. I said a would take the $149.00 plan. He didn’t ask for any payment method, but said I could hang up and he would start working on the problem and would call me back in about half an hour. In about ten minutes he called me back from a restricted number and asked me to click on "Trustworthy" again. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable going any farther, because he wasn’t an actual Quicken tech. He tried to reassure me he was and told me he had fixed my files. When I kept refusing to let him continue, he hung up on me. When I went back into my Quicken program, nothing had changed at all. I do not know at this time if I lost any money.



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