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Tara – Jul 02, 2020

Victim Location 92504

Type of a scam Other

I found this website when looking for a puppy. I did notice some weird things on the website in particular, Mis spelled words and repetitive sentences (red flag #1). They have the puppy prices way below what real breeders would ask for (red flag #2). I emailed them an inquiry around 9pm (PST) expecting an email the next day. As I was doing some more research about the dog I had a gut feeling (red flag #3) to search if this website was a scam. I got a hit from a website in Canada stating that TeacupMaltesePuppyBreeder website is a scam. A few hours later at 12:45am (PST) I received a text message from the same number that was listed under the scam notification. The text message was clearly not someone that had good grammar skills, (not that I am an expert) but at this point I was already upset. I told them I was no longer interested and I was aware the website was a scam and sent the screen shots of the notice to the phone number. I told them not to contact me again. They responded with “Stop sending me pics of nonsense”. They did not deny and I did not engage as I already gave this person my contact information. I’m hoping this will help anyone getting duped by this dead beat scammer! Shame on them! I a thankful I found out before any money was exchanged! My pups in heaven had my back on this one! I am pretty sure these people are the same scammers as MaltesePuppyHaven and HometrainedPugPups and JacoTeacupsMaltese all reported to be based out of South Africa which makes sense because it would have been about 9am in South Africa at 12:45am (PST). Be aware of your gut feeling, do your research and if there is anything listed as free such as the free shipping listed on this website..it is 100% NOT FREE!



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