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Isaac –

Victim Location 92677

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I met *** at a networking event. He picked up my business card somewhere and started sending unsolicited emails about his various business ventures, none of which I consented to or displayed any sort of interest in. I asked him to stop sending emails, and informed him that his commercial emails did not follow the FTC regulations of the CAN SPAM act of 2003 because they did not display his physical address and did not contain a way to unsubscribe from his mailing list.

He informed me that it was my fault for giving him my business card, which I definitely do not remember doing, and said that all people have to do is inform him that they want to be removed from his mailing list and then they would be removed. I told him to remove me. He continued to send me emails.

I then investigated his website www.amerisoftwest.com, which was completely bizarre. It contains disjointed articles about "Holocaust, a German Concentration Camp," "Your Dogs, Our Dog, Funny Funny Funny, etc" and one of the products (of which I’m sure doesn’t exist) was called "European Colonial Expansion."

Overall, it’s completely insane, and I’m fairly sure he’s just selling people a fake cryptocurrency and exploiting people’s lack of understanding of financial markets. Avoid this person at all costs.


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