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Sarah –

Victim Location 30331

Type of a scam Employment

found the job posting on atlantajobs.com. i applied and they sent me this email.

We received your resume in respect of our job advert. Thank you for your interest in our company. Our HR Manager has reviewed your resume,you have been selected as a potential candidate for a Personal Assistant position pending background checks.Our HR department did reviewed your resume, We select you as a potential candidate for a Virtual Personal Assistant to Chairman position opening we do have right now pending your background checks.

We specializes in the Design, Development and Production of Quality Plastic Injection Moldings for the Manufacturing Industry. We provide the complete molded plastic solution – from Concept, to Design, to Material Selection, to Models or working Prototypes (where necessary) and finally Production of Quality Molded Components.

We maintains operations in 3 countries and employ over 9,000 people worldwide. We are setting up new office all across United State.

Duties: .

• Perform official assignment to detail/ instruction.

• Running personal errands.

• Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence.

• Work independently without much supervision.


Please provide answers to the following schedule so we could update

your folder on the administrative desk.

1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day?

2. What time range. (Morning Section 8am-4pm or Afternoon section 3pm-6pm)?

3. Payroll Interval… (Weekly or Bi-weekly)?

4. Payroll Method. Check or Direct deposit ?

5. We offer $30.00 per hourly.


•Paid Sick Days

•Paid Vacation

•Paid Holidays

•AD & D Insurance


•Medical Insurance

•Dental Insurance

•Periodical Training And Re-training

Willing to take this job position, reconfirm your information to us for background check:-






CELL # :



Tammy Tom Ian

the next day i got this

Dear Staff-1047,

I wish to inform you that your confirmation message for the position of Personal Assistant has been received and it is an honor to inform you that the position has been giving to you after proper examination of your credentials…I will like you to sign in to my text message or email every morning in order to be sure you are ready. The position is a full time job and we are working on your new office where you will be working from and sometimes you may be required to do some field work..Here below are some of your functions:

– monitoring and responding to mails

– receiving funds on company behalf

– answering calls and handling queries

– planning, organizing and managing events

– Online data entry and processing

– online monitoring and supervising movement of merchandise in and out

of the warehouse

Basically before you get started, the company would be providing you with funds to purchase some important software required for the duty in question and then you will be receiving equipment’s from the Company. Dell Notebook Laptop Pentium D Duo Processor , All in one Printer, Scanner and Fax Machine with a wide range of software already installed on the system against hacking.

And also your first assignment instruction letter will be delivered to your address this week.I am in Europe at the moment but will return next week so we can have a face to face meeting then you can fill all the necessary employment document and W2.

I request that you endeavor to check-in every morning by Texting"STAFF=1047" to 929) 210-7359 because failure to do so means you did not check-in to work for that day. I roam the Number to be able to send and receive text from here so you can contact me any time by

sending text to the number above or email.

Please confirm that you receive this message and ready for your first assignment.


Tammy Ian

Its weird because no one just offers a job without having a face to face meeting.



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