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Kayla –

Victim Location 55113

Type of a scam Tech Support

my mother was contacted through an email and website pop up, stating that she had malware. she then downloaded the Team Viewer for Mac Program and gave them her phone number. they told her that the Takesupport.us was registered with ScamPulse.com and that it would only take a moment.

I was informed i came down and shut down her computer. I called the number given and asked who they were. the mann that we talked to was named John Hammer and that he and his tech support team were working on "fixing" my mothers computer. I then started asking for there ScamPulse.com number so that I could lobby a complaint, I also asked where they were located he said that they were located in Brooklyn, New York. that is when this young man hung up on me. I got on the ScamPulse.com website to look for www.takesupport.com, I didnt find anything. so I called back for a second time, I was a little more combative letting him know that I was lodging a complaint and that I demanded to know his ScamPulse.com number, he said sir we are trying to fix your mothers computer, and then hung up again.

so my mother then called them back and he proceeded to yell at my mother, and told her that he didnt know what his company did, and that if they were doing something bad to her computer that he was not responsible (true) we then asked what his company did and he said i do not know. he hung up on my mother… no i am writing this.




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