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Brent –

Victim Location 60018

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Navy veteran almost got scammed with a job offer. Got a text this morning and was excited to find out it was a job offer. I was instructed to add Henry Wright to my gmail account and to send him an initial email for an online interview. He gave me an overview of the position, hours, pay, and benefits then proceeded to the interview questions. He said he was impressed and will submit to his superior. Came back 15 minutes later to tell me that I was offered the position. i was then told that I was going to receive a check to purchase a list of software and that Macbook would be sent to me. Also, I would have to contact a specific vendor to purchase the software and to get IT support with the software. They started asking where I bank at and the daily mobile deposit limits. I was then emailed an Official Check for $2950.00. Working at bank in the past, I realized it was just under the threshold before the bank has to report me to the IRS. I called the bank where the check was issued and was told that it normally takes 24-48 hours before I can call to validate the check issued to me. I decided to walk into a local branch to verify. Manager looked at the check and immediately said the characteristics didn’t match their checks. After explaining the story without even checking the account numbers, told me that it was a scam and the check was fraudulent. They checked anyway to make sure. After I checked the company website it said it was down.



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