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Brandy – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 60481

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were looking for a poodle puppy for our family and I came across this website offering toy poodles for $500! Normally this poodle sells for $3k+. I sent an inquiry in and got an email response from Jennifer and Kevin Rod. Telling me the back story behind the price reduction was due to “being transferred” and they wouldn’t be able to care for them until they were settled. So they were waiving the normal fees. The only few they wanted you to pay for was shipping. Supposedly they would line everything up and the professional shipping service would contact us to deliver this puppy right to our doorstep. Obviously I was very excited, especially answering some background information to me and my family, including our names and addresses, and they said they were going to send us Toby, the puppy we had inquired about. We exchanged emails back and forth pretty consistently until I asked to talk to her on the phone to make sure this wasn’t a scam. And then it was radio silence. I think this is a scam. I have a feeling others are being preyed in and I’d love for you to check into it. I looked up the house on Zillow. The pictures she sent me Of the puppies and the background of the house doesn’t really match the pictures of the place I’m seeing. Granite floors and pillars are not apparent in the Zillow house.



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