Save the Animals From Fire

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Micheal – May 01, 2020

I ordered Koala bear from this site on Jan. 27 and never received it. Wanted to help Australia but I guess I helped the scammers. Shame on them for using an important and devastating event to take people’s money. I am pretty sure this showed up on Facebook and I fell for it because I love animals. Have never received a response to emails requesting help on correcting situation. I think Facebook should have better ways to weed these scammers out. This the second time I fell for a scammer on Facebook.

Nathaniel – Feb 23, 2020

Victim Location 16508

Total money lost $33.98

Type of a scam Charity

This site offered items that would help support the animals hurt in the Australian fires. They’ve taken consumers money and then no longer communicate with the consumer or provide any detail to the shipping of the item.



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