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Deanna –

Victim Location 68134

Total money lost $953

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got a message from Ruth Bailey Portfolio on Instagram saying they need a model for their fashion website and that they would pay so I was interested and told me to contact Dennis Cleverly. I got in contact with Dennis and told me more information about the photoshoot and and where will i be doing it at since Ruth and Dennis aren’t from where I live (Nebraska) The photoshoot would be at a photography studio that was close to my house. He sent me an email saying he was going to send me a check in the mail for basically my cut but it really wasnt and i havent done the photoshoot yet. I got the check in the mail and deposited. The check was $933.00 I let Dennis know i got the check and deposited in my bank account and he told me i had pay the stylist, Marcia Campbell who lived in Texas via Moneygram. It was $600 I had to pay from the check he sent me. The stylist supposedly didnt get the money I sent yet and Dennis told me to buy an extra $300 worth of iTunes gift cards to make up the difference so she can buy fabric. He told me to scratch off the back and take a picture of the code and send it to him which i did. I checked my bank account the next day and my account was a -$953.00. I called my bank and asked why my account was in a negative. Dennis who sent me the check was from a closed account that i didnt know about. Now my bank account is closed until i can pay the $953.00 to reopen it again.

Matthew –

Victim Location 68134

Total money lost $933.50

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got a message on Instagram from Ruth Bailey Portfolio saying would i be interested in doing a photoshoot to model off her clothes. Im into modeling and i was getting paid to do it so why not? I emailed the person she sent in the message, Dennis Cleverly. We started emailing each other, giving me more information on the shoot. They weren’t from where I lived but they would schedule a shoot and book a venue to where i can do it. He sends me a check. The check said Jones Building Group on it with $933.50 on it. I deposited it to my bank account thinking nothing was wrong with the check. He tells me that i need to send $600.00 to the stylist via Moneygram which was in Texas and an extra $300 in iTunes gift cards so the stylist can get frabic and other things which i thought the $600.00 was for. I was a little confused on why im doing all this and why couldnt they do it since its technically not my money and i didnt really pay for anything so i brushed it off. The next day i checked my account and it was a negative 933.00. Well the check they gave me was from a closed account and my now my account is closed because of it. Please do not make the same mistake i made by going off of social media.


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