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Dale –

Victim Location 90404

Total money lost $13,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Rubio Aviation CEO Paul Rubio offered to donate a private jet flight from LA to Napa, California, to a high-profile charity event.

(Though uninvited, he then showed up at the charity event to mingle with guests and celebrities, and he brought 3 guests with him and enjoyed the evening.)

The jet experience sold at auction for over ten thousand dollars and Rubio Aviation received much PR and attention at the gala event.

Months turned into years and when it finally came time for the winner to redeem the experience, Rubio would not provide details and finally stopped returning phone calls, after months and months of putting us off.

He broke his promise and failed to provide the jet experience.

I’ve since read claims online that this is a modus operandi for him, and others seem to have had similar bad experiences, so I advise anyone to do their online research before dealing with him.


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