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Danielle –

Victim Location 60615

Type of a scam Utility

Two representatives from RPA (but their badges said UER which I think refers to Utility Expense Reduction) were at the gate to my condo complex when I arrived home. When I unlocked the gate they began talking to me, asking if I was a homeowner in the complex. They followed me in and showed me some laminated papers, including a report about green energy and an example ComEd bill. They tried to get me to go through a verification process so that I would not have to pay for the green energy on my bill. I attempted to extricate myself a few times, but the representative I was speaking to was very pushy and wouldn’t let me leave. Eventually she called a verification company and gave them some information, which I provided. Then the verification company called me. They asked me a series of questions, including "did the representative leave the premises?" She had not left, was in fact standing right next to me. She kept nodding, getting me to say yes. I ended up terminating the phone call and did not go through with the verification, because I was concerned that this all seemed pretty sketchy. The representative got visibly angry, telling me that I had wasted her time and I could have just told her "no" from the beginning. I responded that I had tried to say no multiple times and she wouldn’t let me leave.


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