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David –

Victim Location 33037

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

These people are heartless SCAM artists. I called the number on the back of a Racetrack (a gas station) gift card to get my balance and somehow they tapped the line and informed me that I " won" a "free" cruise and three nights in a hotel in Orlando or Ft.Lauderdale Florida. All I had to do was pay the port fees, taxes on the cruise. WRONG. I checked my bank statement via app the next day and they had taken out the $130 for port fees PLUS and additional $168 for god knows what. I called and their guest relations line was closed at the time. I then looked them up online and NOTHING positive had been posted and if so I have to believe it’s the company and it’s employees writing good reviews to make themselves look better. No prices are listed on their website. It’s all very sketchy. I finally got through to a representative the next day and they tried to make me buy something else and had no explanation as to why my card had been charged twice. I simply insisted that I get a full refund. I was told it’d take 5-7 days. Mind you these blood thirsty scam artists tried to pull one over on me only 3 days before Christmas. Unexpected expenses always pop up around the holidays. These people at Royal Seas cruise line have no sense of morals. Luckily I thought to call my bank and I got the refund immediately. If you’re still reading this please join me in contacting the It has to be illegal to tap phone lines and trick people into thinking they are receiving anything free


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