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Ronald – Jun 29, 2020

I stopped short of sending money for a puppy after my son checked and found this scampulse site where other people had lost. I wanted two female mastiffs but they wanted me to send $2070 Western Union, listing “friend assistance” as my reason for the money transfer. When I questioned that, he called me and sent pictures of “himself” in naval uniform as if that would give me confidence!

Adrienne – May 14, 2020

Victim Location 54467

Total money lost $1,135

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband thought he was purchasing a puppy from this company. They only sent pictures no videos which is what I wanted to see, live video but they didn’t have the ability to do so but they had pictures.

A few days after the payment an Indian man called stating to watch for an email from the shipping company with our shipping info. That created a fake shipping company so they can charge you more later:

And sent us a fake confirmation number

Then within 5 hrs they called again and said that something occurred watch for the email. It felt like they were watching out for us.

Then we got an email about “due to weather conditions the dog cannot be shipped on his current container” please send more money to cover for a container rental”

At this point I told my husband stop this feels like a scam.

And with further review it is.

I have attached screenshot of conversation with them

Shawn – Apr 24, 2020

Victim Location 77573

Total money lost $835

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a puppy to buy for my husband for his birthday. Found mastiff puppies on their website and was willing to drive 15 hr to pick up the puppy.

He asked what kind of home the puppy would have and about my family lifestyle. Seemed pretty legit as breeders usually ask a ton of questions about the home for the puppy.

He asked if i could send the money through Paypal or Venmo. I said that we could and i sent the whole amount because we really wanted this puppy and didnt want to have him bought out from under us.

Sent the money and asked for the address so we could plan the route for the next day. No response. So i called and he didnt answer. He sent a text saying he was at the grocery store and would call back. That didnt set well with me, so i googled the phone number and that is when my heart sank. Found another person listed it as a scam. Wanted to make sure that it wasnt just an unhappy person, so i found the address listed for the breeder. It was on the market. So i called the realtor and asked her if the residents name was David Kim and she said no. She checked phone numbers listed for the address and it didnt match either.

So, i immediately sent the man a message and told him to send my money back that we would not be picking up Gunner. He asked why and i told him i didnt believe he had the puppy.

I called my bank but venmo is immediate so i called Venmo. Filled with them and then called the local police department and filed a report with them. Called the bank back to dispute the charge. I also called the AKC to let them know of the website claiming to be registered. So now i wait to get my $835 back, which will probably not happen.


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