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Dale –

Victim Location 27341

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call (585-445-3341) saying they had a complaint with my name and ss number and they need to do an investigation and report back to the attorney. I called and they had the right name wrong ss number that really belong to my mother, she spoke with them and found out she never had a Lowe’s card and I did, she calls me and tells me its mine, so I call back and Michael said if I don’t pay $2100, they would add $1500 attorney/court cost and they would have papers served and garish my wages for the full amount $3600. He said that if I act by the end of the month he would report to the attorney that I agree to pay $801.20 and this would settle any balance owed and he would send email with all the information. Never had this happen to me before, scared to death because the last thing you want is legal action, I agree to this amount, knowing its not my ss number, but maybe my husbands. After I thank about our conversation during the day and no email from Michael. I recalled somethings that didn’t add up. Found paperwork for Lowes card, so at 11:30 at night I’m calling the 800 number for my bank and canceling my card. I called (RWG) Ross Wright Group and said I was not paying, that the card was paid off years ago, Michael calls back from 844-512-8798 and leaves a long detailed message. Looked up numbers and name of this group. Its all private. Told them I was going to report them to the Veronica said that was fine they are members.


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