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Jennifer –

Victim Location 96778

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a cryptic "Hello" from someone I have not heard from in years. She is one of my FB friends. Surprised, I responded with, Hi, how are you, where are you? etc. She responded she was moving to Texas soon.

I will now copy conversation word for word.

ME: Why Texas? How is your health? I am still going strong. Paddling, riding bicycle etc

ROSETTA: That’s really nice! They help is got a new House.

(Thinking she was using microphone to talk text I ignored the weird sentence.)

ROSETTA: Haven’t you gotten anything from the BGAF?

(that should’ve been my first clue!!)

ME:Who has a new house? and what is BGAF?

ROSETTA: I meant the Better Government Affiliation Program.

ME: Never heard of it, tell me more or send me a link.

ROSETTA: Are you serious? It is a BETTER GOVERNMENT AFFILIATION FOUNDATION (BGAF) to help those who need assistance paying for bills, buying a home, starting their own business, going to school or even helping raise their children with old and retired people and disabled, deaf.

ME: wouldn’t be asking if i wasn’t serious. Hmmmm! better look into that, but TEXAS???

ROSETTA: I got $150,000 in cash. You do not have to pay it back because it is not a loan! Have you got yours also???

(should have been another red flag! right?)

ME: So you got a house is Texas and you’re staring over in a new environment and new people??


ME: Have I got my own what? You mean $150,000? No. Never heard of it here in Hawaii.I’ll get online today and take a look. So you can choose where you buy a house with that $150,000. Sounds like a good deal to me. Is the cost of living cheaper in Texas. I think the taxes are lower.

ROSETTA: Yes! Let me give you their Agent text number.

(I am getting really suspicious at this point!!)

ME: OK. Do you have to have less than a certain amount money?

ROSETTA: Here is the agent text number (913)800-3687. Text him now with your full name that you want to claim your money from them.

Not really, you just have to text them and be sincere with them. I got it delivered in 12 hours after I applied.

(REALLY suspicious at this point. Realized it was a scam)

ME: What!!!! There must be a catch or something. What did you have to tell them and how did you hear about it?

ROSETTA: I got it from my cousin after she got her money. Just tell them you want to claim your win money.

(NOW I know this is not Rosetta, so try to get more info to prove identity)

ME: Rosetta, where are you living right now? How are you, how is your youngest daughter? Where does she live now?


ROSETTA: Sorry was busy

ME: So… where are you moving from? How is your youngest daughter?

Another long pause

ROSETTA: We are in North Carolina now Schehara is in Washington.

ME: How many children many children does your Oldest girl have now? Who is "WE"? dod you remarry?.

That was the last message!!!

Then I went to my FB page on the computer and opened up her page. She had not visited her page since January and opened up messages to sent her a private message. The messaging we were supposedly doing over the phone was not on our "messages"!! So the confirmed our phone messaging was hoax. I sent her a message to say her FB page had been hacked. Not sure when she will seat?

So… Question… By responding to the messenger on my phone, have I compromised my information in my phone? Do they now have my phone number? I do get a lot of unidentified calls which I do not answer and if they do not leave a message I always block and delete the number.


I did not text the number I was given.


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