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Ronnie – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered over $100 worth of products in May. Thank goodness I was able to file a dispute with my CC company. The charge has been removed & I will NEVER deal with these people again.

Austin – Aug 05, 2020

I ordered a waist trainer in the beginning of May still have not received it. And every time I try to search in tracking it says being processed. It was $45 that they stole from me. I can’t reach anyone get a refund etc. why can’t the BBB or Government get involved and get our money back.

Tommy – Jul 28, 2020

I ordered a waist trainer from them on May 23, 2020. It’s July 27th and I haven’t received anything from them. They provided a fake tracking number that can’t be traced. I was scammed out of $30. It’s a shame that we have businesses out there like this that’s taking advantage of people during these challenging times! NEVER AGAIN!

Danny – Aug 05, 2020

So did I.

Jeffrey – Jul 21, 2020

I order some stuff for my knee never got it told them wanted my money back they said they don’t do refunds. [censored]ing [censored] buckets

Christian – Jul 18, 2020

I ordered a foot mask in April 2020. It is July 18,2020 and I have still not received anything. I have emailed them many, many times. They do not return messages. They is a SCAM! Do not use them!

Roy – Jul 15, 2020

🗣🗣Attention attention this is a fake [censored] in the wall business hustling people out of money and take 30 [censored]ing years to send their product.. After a month and a half they sent me a dirty cigarette smelling waist belt..

Do not and i repeat do not buy from them. If you have ve smart and do a charge back on they thieving [censored]. [censored]ing crooks

Cynthia – Jul 14, 2020

I ordered 2 ultrasonic per repellents back in june and I still do not have my items. They sent me a tracking number which still shows its sitting in China. I am beyond furious. I paid thru PayPal so I thought it was safe. This people are rip offs DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I really need my 33.00 back

William – Jul 13, 2020

I ordered the foot mask two months ago and have not received to date. I keep going to customer support, but do not receive response. I will dispute with my credit card company as it must be a scam!

Maria – Jul 13, 2020

I purchased the coffee cream on or about Jun13th still haven’t received my order it is now July 13th awhile month later and still hadn’t gotten it. I emailed the them the tracking number they sent doesn’t even work so yes I am believing that they are a scam and my order was $23.11.

John – Jul 09, 2020

Same as above and they charged me for two foot masks instead of one…no tracking…scam…avoid!

Wendy – Jul 08, 2020

I ordered foot mask and got confirmation of order. Never received it. They are scammers. Do not purchase from this site! They don’t answer emails.

Mario – Jul 05, 2020

This is outrageous, I have to pay to find out where my order is. # RTT21914, I am reporting you to amazon.

Christian – Jul 05, 2020

Hello, this is terrible, I ordered #RTT21914 , on May 11;2020. I still have not received it yet. Where is my order. My e-mail is [email protected]

Dana – Jul 01, 2020

I purchased a weight trainer from them and paid $30.96 and cant seem to get a hold of them and cant access my tracking number to see where my item is at I am not giving up till I get my item or my money back This place is a scam and something needs to be done about it.

Jesus – Aug 05, 2020

So did iy

Marco – Jun 30, 2020

Ordered the foot mask listed on Facebook on the 4th of June. Supposedly it was shipped with their partner on the same day. I haven’t gotten the merchandise and there now is no record of my tracking order, the website says the page is not available and when I sent an email requesting a refund I get no reply. THIS SITE IS A SCAM!

Eduardo – Jun 29, 2020

I purchased a waist trainer and its been over 3 weeks and I still hsve not received it. They don’t respond to emails and I can’t track my package. This company is a scam. Stay away from them. They scamned me out of $30. Its a shame we live in a world where people think they have the right to falsely take your hard working money without any consequences.

Candace – Jun 28, 2020

They said that my order is in transits for severals weeks and has not even reach my house. I paid $30.96 for the waist shape.
I want my money back or the item I paid for
Do not buy anything from this company is my advise

Meghan – Jun 26, 2020

I ordered a waist trainer. It has been 3weeks I keep emailing them and no answer. I can’t track it at all. I’m so mad 😡 I lost 35 dollars , and I promise I’m not giving up til I either get what I paid for or until I get my refund.

Dawn – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 28462

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They have ads listed on Facebook showing Dr Oz using a foot mask they sell.. Do not purchase anything from them as after I did and then emailed later for shipping info, they said my item shipped.. All lies.. the tracking they sent has it listed as being supposedly picked up by Pitney Bowes their shipping partner on June 4th and that’s as far as it gets…no info updates for two plus weeks… no returned emails after the first one… and when i did some digging, there is no address for this company, no telephone number, just the support email… so avoid this company at all cost!!!


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