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Abigail –

Victim Location 50003

Total money lost $54,000

Type of a scam Romance

My wife is the victim of a online romance through an app called “Word Chums” over a 4 month period this scammer gained the trust of my wife my romantic sayings through endless amounts of text messages that would go on day and night to isolate her from me and our family and ended up scamming us out of over $54k, my wife will not talk about it what info I have gained is the name this person was going by *** and the phone number being used is 510-*** this number comes out of Oakland California but when I called the number I would get a recording of a person named Tobias ***, this is all I have to go off of .

Stefanie –

Victim Location 98188

Total money lost $30,000

Type of a scam Romance

This scammer real bame is Taylor. He answered a widower/widows website and introduced himself as Master Sgt Carl B*** in the Marines snd stationed in Nigeria. Met February 2018 and Carl immediately wanted us to stop texting as he said cost him on his cell phone so if we could talk on google hangout. This is how we communicated. Everyday twice a day even with the time zone difference.

Within 2 months he saent me a picture and I sent him a picture of myself. Goid looking fella and attracted. He suddenly professes his love for me and how he wants to come home to US and be with me. Says he is 54 and ready for retirement and will request mandatory leave and can leave. So he needs airfare to fly commercial since military will nit send him back due to his viluntary request for early leave. So he says he needs $3000 so I sent to him but he does get on tge plane ge says because he has gold tgat he invested in and has to clear customs so he needs money for customs. I sent him $2000 then he says he wasrobbed walking from the hotel to airport so now he lost all his money.

So as time goes by, I am sending him more money to airfare, borrowed money for customs payment again. Then needed more money as customs wants storage fees for storage in vault. In a nutshell, Carl tried 8 times to catch flight each time failed due to was kidnapped or not enough money. Todate O gave him $30k and he is still in Nigeria. I finally had enough and broke it off and told him I found someone tgat I wanted to be exclusive with. Carl got in touch with me after a week of no communication and said he couldn’t sleep and he was bothered and had to tell me that everything he told me were lies except for 2 things and that he is in Nigeria and he is in love with me. His real name is Taylor and is 31 years okd and is black. He says the deal breaker. I played along and wanted to know why he did this and hurt me. Taylor says he is sorry and never meant for this to happen. Says truth from now on. I found out that tge money I sent him was used for his college education and has nothing left. He is looking for a job and bo luck yet. He expected me to be angry and hate him but I told him that i fell in love sith tge person who was writing me. So he sent me a picture of himself and he is black and you g. Taylor expected me to have nothing to fo with him. But instead I played along and let him keep texting me.

Taylor wants to still get married and think become a US citizen by marrying me. I know he has applied for a visa and waiting. I have no plans on flying to Nigeria and marrying this guy. He said he took this guy Carl Bisson identity and became him. So whoever this Carl is, has a real family and real life stolen from tgis Taylor.

I do plan to dump him in a month as I don’t want anything to do with him.

Kristina –

Victim Location 83332

Total money lost $8,800

Type of a scam Romance

I was scammed by a Nigerian posing as a man by the name of Gary B*** who claimed to live in California but was from Austria. I was contacted by him through Facebook and began an online romance with him claiming he was on his last job before retiring. He claimed to own an offshore underwater welding company. His job was in the Pacific Ocean. After approx 2 months he claimed all his money was tied upon this job and he needed money to service the equipment in order to finish after sending 5000 dollars he once again claimed he needed more money because he claimed he had a stroke and needed it for a medical transport helicopter to bring him to me in Idaho, I then wired another 3800 dollars and the very next day he said he needed 7000 more, it was then I knew I had been scammed. I wired this money using Western Union and Money gram, it was wired to 2 different people whom he claimed we’re related to his workers. His friends name was Juan Adams of course a fake name. I did speak to the person claiming to be his worker. I also spoke with that mans so called girlfriend in the USA who told me she was wiring money to Nigeria for him, she was receiving and sending money so she was a money mule for them. When I let her know what I was able to find out she was in denial about this Juan being a scammer from Nigeria. After I did receive a call from him that originated in Nigeria. That’s my story

Cassie –

Victim Location 99723

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I had met this guy named oscar lundberg, he introduced himself as a pilot in turkey doing a private training contract. He said he was from sweden, lives in new jersey. A week after we started talking, we were talking around the clock and things were getting more personal , than he said he sent roses to me by his hotel conceirge and at the same time told them to send the bag to his hotel room he was staying at. At the end of a day, he told me he just found out they accidently sent all of it, his passports,debit card, cash. He asked me to pay for the customs and delivery fees that were a huge charge so that he can get them back and to cover my expenses with the cash inside. He said he had no way to pay because everything he needed were in the bag. I paid for them. After all that was paid, the delivery service said yes, we will send it. Later on they asked for a frieght bill. We both sent it. They asked for more money. I ended up getting a hold of the US border to assure me that there was an actual bag. They informed me it was all a scam and not to send anymore money. This website looks like a real website and alot of details. Its not.

Alex –

Victim Location 15210

Type of a scam Romance

I heard from "Nelson Spencer" through Plenty of Fish. He claims that he is doing contract work on the Henry Goodrich Oil Rig run by Husky off the coast of New Foundland in Canada. He stated that there was a terrible accident and since his accounts were frozen due to fraud by his ex brother in law, that he needed money to help pay for shipping of chemicals that needed to be replaced. This company is fake. He "accidentally" sent a copy of the contract with Husky energy and the passport that I attached in the photos below.

He emails, texts and calls. He uses the Whatsapp. His goal is to get bitcoin.

Preston –

Victim Location 99301

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Romance

This fellow was a soldier in Iraq with a daughter & mother. He & I were friends & have been for a year. We gave been thru alot together. Now he says he is a mercenary & needs money to fly home. He is unable to get money from family in the US. I have given him money in the past for internet etc.

Heather –

Victim Location 99657

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Romance

About six months ago, I was contacted by this person through He told me that he was a Marine deployed in Syria and would be moving to Anchorage after he came back in the country. He was very charming and had perfect grammar. I teach English, so I can tell if someone is not using proper subject/word agreement. We hit it off and began speaking everyday. He told me that he was not allowed to video chat because of his deployment.

After about a week he told me that he was involved in an attack and lost his bank cards and needed money for supplies. I declined the few first times because it was summer and money is always tight for teachers. We continued speaking through an online app called Allo. He did not mention money for the next three weeks. He told me a story that he was receiving some money through his lawyer, but needed a bank account to transfer the money. I gave him the information thinking nothing of bank fraud, etc. He was quite charming and I was trusting of him. I am going through a terrible divorce and wanted to take a chance with dating again. The bank transfers go through and I send him the allotted money through Venmo. A few days later I get a call from my bank stating that the account is overdrawn and there was a reverse payment of funds. Basically, the funds that were meant for him were red flagged. I lost about 2000.00 from this transaction. I closed that bank account under his direction and opened a new one because it was what the "lawyer" said to do.

This man or whomever this entity is has cost me a bank account. I started piecing this all together when I was contacted the other day by a "soldier" through Facebook. So, I did some research and did a reverse image scan of the supposed person I was speaking to and another name came up. Plus he texted like clockwork and it has been ten days and I am no use to him any longer because my bank account was closed.

This person has preyed on someone that has just gotten out of a mentally abusive marriage and wants to put trust back into the world. I feel stupid, betrayed, and angry! This person is very charming! Ladies, please be cautious! I am hoping my story will prevent someone for falling for this man.

Raquel –

Victim Location 98632

Type of a scam Romance

The guy pretended to fall in love with me on Instagram said he was flying here to meet me but oops he got robbed and needs $3000 set to him asap. Lol luckily I was not so star stuck that I fell for this. I have had numerous men reach out to me claiming to be on peace missions for the military but this one I genuinely thought was real. And I believed he was sincere. It’s sickening that people would play on others emotions that way… I am 44 years old and have never been in love. I actually allowed myself to be vulnerable with this guy, I think being on line made it easier… woman trust your inner voice, I didn’t listen to mine a number of times. I thought I was just scared, and he would talk me out of my feelings of doubt and disbelief. Talk to people you trust. Don’t ever give someone you don’t know money! A real man would never ask in the first place!!!

Alberto –

Victim Location 43344

Type of a scam Romance

I met a girl on Facebook, Jessica Graham, about a year ago. She said her parents were from Texas, but they passed away. She lives in FL. She sent me a cashier’s check for $2600 from Rosa Bandos. I think Rosa is her lawyer. There is a real signature in pen. It’s written against Energy Bank of TX. She wants me to deposit the check into his account, and send $600 sent back to her so she can come to Ohio. She said she wanted a money order or a cashier’s check. She wants to leave $2000 with me so that when she gets to Ohio, she’ll have $2000 to help her grandmother. I’ve never met her in person she says she’s been dealing with her lawyers.

Johnny –

Victim Location 63303

Type of a scam Romance

This guy told me and my friend the same line on the same day. He opening line is you look like u couldn’t hurt a fly. He said he is in the us army but he deployed overseas. Not sure if he real or not as he says he not allow any video chat or live calls except thru a communication person there thru his troop. He has no friends on Facebook that is from the USA except for me and my friend who has now blocked him. All his friends looks to be from Nigeria. He never asked for money or anything. I didnt let it go that far. I cut contact as soon as I know he perused me and my friend one the same day, saying the same opening lines, than add not having any usa friends on Facebook having all Nigeria friends something didnt seem right. Plus the education I got watching dr Phil show about being catfished from overseas. The profile name he is using is Robert Thompson. He said he hometown is portland Oregon. He said he used to live in fortknox Kentucky. He said his parents are dead. He got a 15 years son and grandmother that live in Oregon. I hope I am wrong and it just a creep. However u never know so it is better to be safe and report i know.

Travis –

Victim Location 77488

Total money lost $120,000

Type of a scam Romance

Maiara amaro. A Brazilian professional criminal pastel and US$120,000 from me from October 21, 2015 to may , 2016 with no recourse from the FBI I for the cited to do this thing . She is also on Facebook as the name : omofatuga toyin . First met on Rose Brides I paid for dating app now I have all the evidence all the receipts and she is also the coolest when it comes to stealing every last Dollar you have. Here’s more cell numbers she is using: +555197406107 , +555181779839. + 8122505796 . I’m expecting that I will personally have to find this criminal and have her jailed for life


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