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Mayra – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 85295

Type of a scam Tech Support

After performing a reset of my Roku tv device, I was requested to enter an activation code. When I went to an auto-generated link, it was a scam. They wanted a 5 year activation fee of $80 or a lifetime fee for Roku service of $135. I told them I never received an email about the fees, and they responded I was emailed 6 months earlier. No fees are required by Roku. They did not get any money from me…it seemed suspicious.

Shawna – Jul 12, 2020

Victim Location 04530

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was activating a Roku Ultra LT and I received an activation code and a URL to go to on my phone to activate. When I did this it sent me to a website that had an 888 number which I called. The person on the phone took me through the activation, asking for my email address, city, state and zipcode. I provided these and then the person tried to sell me a 5 year base package for $110 or a lifetime package for $160. I had been told that there was no activation fee or subscription package for Roku. I checked the web and found the following:

Activating a Roku is free, though channels may require a paid subscription. When you buy a Roku device — whether it’s an inexpensive Roku stick or box, or the Roku Ultra, or a Roku TV — you’ll need to activate it. … There is no charge to activate any Roku device.Nov 29, 2019

Do You Have to Pay to Activate a Roku? | ›

I went separately to my computer and was able to create a Roku account and activate my device without paying. I called back the 888-855-1629 number and asked for extension 0655 and asked for the technician Eric. The person who answered asked me what the problem was. I said I thought that this was a scam. He asked me how much I had paid. I hung up. I went into Roku and tried to log into a Roku account using the email address I had provided to the technician on the phone earlier and indicated I didn’t remember my password. I reset the password, entered the account and then canceled it.

Johnathan – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 78634

Type of a scam Tech Support

While attempting to activate new TV Roku account, I was unknowingly redirected to an identical website posing as Roku. While entering the code from my TV on the website I received a message that there was an error and I was required to call or message to resolve. (sorry, I didn’t take note of the phone number) I proceeded to send an instant message and was told that there is now a fee of $89.99 for 5 yrs, or $149.99 for lifetime, to set up a Roku account to be able to activate my TV.

When I questioned this, and told them I didn’t have to do this with my other Roku, they said it was a recent change as of March 2020. When I declined, they said they could try to get me the “employee discount”. I ended the conversation, then proceeded to use a different device and set up a new Roku account, sensing the account set up information I had just entered was compromised. I did not give them any credit card information.

I was able to set up a new Roku account, and linked my devices. Roku does ask for credit card info during the account set up process, but emphasizes that there is no charge to activate your device. The CC info is kept in your Roku profile if you decide to make a purchase in the future. I was able to log out and back in, I could see my devices and CC info. I checked my bank, and confirmed there had been no unauthorized debits.

Lisa – Jun 12, 2020

Victim Location 31792

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I called Roku’s customer support number 1800 872 2176 and spoke to Kevin concerning charges on my bank statement . The charges ranged fromm $6.99 to $1.00. After going through my bank statements I found charges all the way back to January 2000. I had shredded earlier bank statemnts so am not sure if there were charged before then. Kevin said Roku owes me $1844.74 and tod me to go but a $500. gift card and call him back to give him the bar code from the back of the card. I went to my bank, they shredded my old debit card, that is what Roku was using for the charges, and I got a new card. I don’t know how they got my debit card info.


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