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Abby –

Victim Location 76140

Total money lost $22,050

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Rodney Tunwar, had made me believe he was in the business of remodeling houses and could do just about everything in a house. I purchased a burnt out house in Forest Hill, TX and had 3 different estimates, Rodney kept telling me he wanted to convince me he was capable and would appreciate the opportunity to do this project. We had a contract drawn up, the total remodel was $61,500.00 which was scheduled for 3 draws. The first draw $20,000 was given to Rodney on 8/4 and 8/6, he insisted he needed to get the permit and materials for work to commence on 8/6. For this project to begin Rodney also needed liability insurance to cover the owner and the city, we found out yesterday Rodney furnished a fraudulent Accord form under the name of Langner insurance group, as his liability insurance to the city for a permit which was issued, and further investigation proves that the company being used by Rodney Tunwar (Epic creations Inc) does not exist in the State of Texas. Rodney has since 8/22 abandoned the house with 2 20 foot dumpster with a balance of $2050, when his demand for a second draw was not granted by me because of suspicion. My project has suffered tremendous set backs and huge losses as a result i am contemplating auctioning it at this time. I have all the evidences, i do not want Rodney to think this type of behavior is acceptable and he needs to be stopped.


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